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Sighting Basics

Case Number 58330
Log Number US-07242014-0009
Date Submitted 07/24/2014 03:27 UTC
Date of the Event 06/25/1989 02:30 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Me & a friend playing paintball come out of woods wearing different clothing w/no memory of switching
Tags contact disc ufo

Sighting Location

City Ava
Region Missouri
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Unknown
Object Shape N, A
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

Me & my cousin were enjoying a summer day & decided to play a game of paintball in the woods. It was a small stand of timber maybe 20 acres in size w/a small wet weather creek that ran through the middle of said timber. There was also an old deer hunting stand built on the ground on the north end of property that we used like "capture the fort", during our game. We also assigned 1 side of the property like this side of the creek is your territory & that side is yours. To be honest; at that time "paint-ball", guns were so expensive that we used our old Daisy BB guns (that shot @ speeds of 300fps MAX), & scrounged up some safety gear and/or made it ourselves. Earlier in the week I had hit my head upon the duct work on the ceiling of my cousin's house causing a small cut. I usually wore a ball cap outdoors but hadn't due to the cut upon my head being tender to touch. My cousin however wore his hat that was black w/Gold stitching on the brim & front of the cap he had gotten from the NRA. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the woods when I had spotted him later on once we had begun our game of "paint-ball". I was on the EAST side of the timber & my cousin was on the WEST side. As we had often done before one would give the other 2-minutes to hide before the other would enter the woods thereby starting the game. If you were not shot or you did not shoot your opponent but could capture the fort & hold the fort for 15minutes you would win the game. Most times one or the other would strike a hit ending the game as we had only 1-hour to complete the game or win. As luck would have it (rock, paper & scissors) best 2 out of 3 I would have the 1st advantage of hiding plus a 2 minute head start so I may strike the first shot. I remember clearly hiding in a ditch and covering myself with leaves & watching my cousin walk past me on his way to his side of the woods. However because he was so close he would hear me if I made my move to shoot him, so I had to wait. By that time he was out of range forcing me to engage him across the creek. We were not allowed to cross into one anothers territory until one had entered the NEUTRAL ground of the FORT thereby capturing it giving the other 15minutes to try to win with scoring a direct hit. I got up & began to slowly work my way through the woods the way my cousin had walked when he had passed me covered by leaves. I remember seeing the BLACK hat w/GOLD stitching and using it for a point of aim as the BB would fall to the chest due to it's lack of power and no head shot's were allowed. He was in thick brush & I never could get a clean shot at him but remember every time I moved for a better shot he moved for better cover. I would relocate him w/that hat & it's bright GOLD stitching. He began working his way NORTH toward the FORT & I remember really trying to score a hit but I had begun to have trouble seeing him as he had removed the hat giving him more camouflage. Well I didn't score a hit & he took the FORT & held it for the 15-minutes without me scoring a hit thereby giving him the win & me the loss. As we called the game to an end for a safety measure to ensure that one or the other would not shoot accidentally; I waited for him to walk back through the woods slightly uphill to catch my breath as it was a hot Missouri day, back to me where we usually discussed the game, our tactics and close shots. As we stopped at the clearing overlooking the field & his home we stopped yet again to rest & take a drink of water. I remember wiping my forehead from the sweat and I REMOVED THE HAT FROM MY HEAD. At 1st I didn't realize I wasn't wearing the hat at the start of the game. My cousin had it on, NOT ME. I asked him what happened to his hat as I had assumed by this time that I simply forgot I was wearing one. He paused with a puzzled look & said "Man, I don't know where my hat is at?" We walked back to the fort, not there, retraced our steps best we could and still no hat. As we began discussing what could have happened I told him that I was using the hat to aim at him & to find him when he changed positions. He stated that while he occupied the FORT he could see the GOLD stitched logo & laurels on the brim of the hat on my head & he too was using it to locate me & to aim at for a "holdover" shot as the BB rifles were weak. I told him I wasn't wearing a hat then & didn't enter the woods with a hat on due to my cut on the head. He then remembers, "oh yeah, I forgot about your head being cut & you didn't want a hat to wear before we left". I responded "yeah, I've not worn a hat all week. You were the one wearing the hat today, not me remember?" He remembered & agreed w/me. We tried to think if we had come in contact with one another during the game, but we had not. We both agreed that he was the only one with a hat that day & that I had not worn one at all. After all there was only the ONE (1) hat between us both. We both entertained the idea that maybe we simply forgot & he had handed that hat to me & I simply put it on without thinking. But we remembered we hadn't ever came in contact with one another. Well after thinking of all the possible ways we could have switched the hat from him to me we came up with this scenario. He was wearing the hat when we entered the woods & he had it on when I was in pursuit of him from across the creek, then when he had captured the FORT I was then wearing the SAME hat as he was certain that during the game he too used it for finding me & aiming at me to win the game. Then from the time he made his way to capture the FORT, we both experienced a simultaneous moment or longer "Memory Lapse", wherein we switched the hat from him to me. Thereby experiencing a so-called "Memory Lapse" or a "Double-Blackout", but we both realized the odds of such an event occurring to 2-people at the exact same time would be astronomical, but it was the only plausible explanation possible. However for these last 25 years I have thought often of that sunny summer day in the woods & wondered how me & my cousin could have both suffered a simultaneous "BLANK SPOT", in our memories. Every time I've passed by that old house and those woods I feel "uneasy", or kind of strange, but dismiss it as nothing. We had talked a couple of times about that day and "other" possibilities that it could have been. He suggested once that it may have been a case of being both abducted by aliens. I quickly rejected that idea & he stated too that he was just trying to think of anything that it could have been instead of the "Memory Lapse", we had chalked it up to. As we grew older we never spoke of that day again. However as I've became more interested in t.v. shows that talk about the Paranormal, Aliens, Bigfoot, etc., and those subjects have been given more credence, more information, & the birth of the internet allowing for the sharing of knowledge & information; I began to re-examine that day long ago. It's worried me for the past couple years as my knowledge and hearing of 1st hand accounts from others that have come forward that maybe, just maybe there was something more that happened that day than just the switching of a hat. I'm not saying it's "Aliens", "Little Grey Men", "Little Green Men", whatever you want to call it. It's just that it's became the more possible outcome that what happened 25 years ago was something more than a "memory lapse". I would never go on t.v. & discuss this day or radio as this is a rural community & I've became a business owner, a Father of 3 sons, upstanding member of the community. I wouldn't want friends & neighbors thinking I'm some UFO, Roswell, Area 51 conspiracy type guy. It's just the more I hear of normal people just like me that have had similar type things happen to them or worse & they are willing to come forward, and so many people are having these experiences I do believe there is something out there that I can't explain away with a "Memory Lapse". I would be willing to take a "Lie Detector", test of my account of what happened that day. I do not nor have I ever suffered from any mental disabilities. I'd undergo a physical to prove my health and/or mental status, but never would I go public about what little happened that day. It's just a hat that switched who was wearing it. My story isn't much & it's not exciting but I just wanted to tell someone that knows more about this type stuff than I do so I know I'm not crazy. Thank You for your time!

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