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Entity Encounter

Sighting Basics

Case Number 59465
Log Number US-09012014-0003
Date Submitted 09/01/2014 02:46 UTC
Date of the Event 07/10/1982 05:10 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Human like but smaller , less that 30 cm , big cone shape head with very big eyes.
Tags disc ufo

Sighting Location

City Las Vegas
Region Nevada
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance N/A
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Other
Object Flight Path Unknown
Object Shape Cone
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I was studying engineering at UC Irving 1982 , family members came to visit me and my sister ,who also was living in Irving with her husband Etham that also was studying Engineering at UC Irving, our visitors wanted to go to las Vegas for the weekend. After we Arrived in las Vegas at the Grand Palace Hotel and checked in.It was around 5 pm . I wanted to look around at the shops in the Hotel , I remember going down a floor or two from the lobby where many shops are located. Among them was a Barbour shop. I enter to cut my hear. The lady that attended me was then in here early 40's.She asked me to go where they wash people hair and she started washing my hear. Suddenly, I felt that her hand was moving very very fast, almost like a machine in a circle motion above my head.I felt heat above my head and a cone shape energy above my head. I had my ayes closed. Then creators appeared in my head . They looked like humans but quiet deferential in body size and head type. Their body was small , abut two feet, with a round big head with very big ayes.I felt that they were investigating my brain. All of the sudden , I realized of their presences in my head and one of them , the female ,told the other been that I found out about their presence in my head after that they despaired from my head . Then I felt that the heat dissipated and the lady that was washing my head hand stopped moving. I also remember that when the lady started to cut my hear , she accidentally got a small cut with the sizer on her finger. After that I was in state of shock , thinking of what had happened to me. To distract my self , it was about 6 pm , I went to play black Jack , I remember playing and only winning for almost one hour then I stopped playing and went for a nap. From that time I developed a great interest in Space and knowing more about UFO's. Now I live in Jordan , I am a Mechanical Engineer and currently business man in the Solar Energy sector. I wash science discovery on TV and that where I found out about your organization and decided to file this report. May aliens are already living among us but we haven't discovered them because they are much smarter that us in that sense that they can change their appearance that make it practically impossible for us humans to detect their presence. Could this theory be possible? Thank you for your kind attention.

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