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Entity Encounter

Sighting Basics

Case Number 58595
Log Number US-08022014-0010
Date Submitted 08/02/2014 05:59 UTC
Date of the Event 06/10/2014 02:38 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Wokeup in the middle of the night
Tags disc pulsing ufo photo

Sighting Location

City Raleigh
Region North Carolina
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration 00:05:00
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path N/A
Object Shape Unknown
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

Over the past 2 years- I have had 8 sightings. I moved from Raleigh to Winston-Salem and continued to have sightings. My twin brother recently moved to NYC and was on a rooftop in Brooklyn and saw orange orbs on a rooftop. Someone posted recently on Mufon that they saw the same thing in Brooklyn- same night. I have been living with my twin for the past 2 years. I moved to Raleigh and got an apartment, while he stayed in Winston-Salem for a week. The first night I was in my apartment, I was sleeping on the floor in my room next to a big window. I woke up and opened my eyes and could see through the window- I knew that I closed the blinds before I went to sleep- So I immediately knew somebody came through that window. I jumped up and checked my phone to see that it was 2:38 AM. That was the time I remembered checking my phone before I went to sleep. I checked the living room to see if my friend was asleep and I calmed down and went back to sleep. The window was messed up the next day. This is the first time in my life, I've ever woken up thinking that somebody had intruded in my household. I have never experienced a feeling like that. I wokeup that morning with an imprint on my arm- that I thought was cool so I took 2 pictures of it. 3 days later- I came home from the hookah bar and I had a perfect circle on my hand. I started to take pictures of it- and as I went through the pictures I took to make sure I had a good enough quality photo, I saw the pictures of the imprints on my arm from the first night I stayed there. I started to panic and feel a strong anxiety because the imprint on my arm was physically impossible. I slept on a jacket and a sweater, and my right arm was free from being pressed on anything. I slept on my left arm. I started to think that I was abducted and after a few minutes of freaking out, I decided to go to sleep and re-evaluate these "coincidences" the next morning. When my brother and I went to our bedroom to sleep, we saw a mark on the wall. My brother went up to look at it and started having a panic attack. We had not noticed the print on the wall earlier that day- It was a consistent design, and we knew something had came in our apartment at some point- we both had panic attacks and left the house. When we got in the car it was 2:30AM and I had another panic attack thinking I would be abducted as we were driving down the road (it was close to 2:38AM) The brand new washing machine had a crack in the LCD screen as well. This is a very intricate story- so it is hard to piece together all the occurrences. The next night a good friend wanted to hangout with my brother- and I began to feel as if I had a choice to hangout with them or stay home and sleep. (I was still recovering from this experience) I decided to go with them. Side Note: As we walked out of the apartment I noticed there was two Rabbits sitting 5 feet away from each other, perfectly, yet they were facing two different directions. We rode with our friend down the highway and saw the blood moon for the first time in our lives. That night I had a spiritual awakening that I was with the energy of life. Time did not exist and I felt the unity of all being. I knew what the answer to my problems were. I sat completely still in a meditative position for 5-6 hours. I have never felt so much at peace. We were dropped off at our apartment the next morning, and the rabbits were in the same position that they were when we left, expect they were both facing the same direction. I felt at peace when I saw these rabbits. A few days later I was at the Rose Garden in Raleigh and A man with long hair was doing a standing meditation in the middle of the outdoor amphitheatre. My brother and I asked our friend if we should meditate with him and she said "No, he probably doesn't want you too" we walked up to a friend we were meeting and asked again "should we meditate with him?" and she goes "No." I said "Xena, if you were humble you would meditate with him" her friend that we did not know sounded like a prophet and says "IF you were truly humble, you wouldn't have to ask him to meditate, you would just do it" So we went to meditate with him. I immediately went deep into my meditation and a question came to mind. "IF I was messed with by extra-terrestrials, why would they leave behind evidence?" And my mind gave me a direct answer "The hostility of humans has become so severe, that it has begun to bleed into the balance of the universe. These beings would NEVER intrude on our privacy, and mess with us in our sleep, they would ask for permission before doing so- and my mind told me "The situation here on earth, regarding the interdependency of not only earth, but the universe, has become so severe that these beings are having to break their OWN rules, their own morals, to reach us in a way that we can affect other people" They are having to play our game in order to communicate with us. I feel a strong sense of urgency when it comes to the path of the Human Race as a species. We have to be willing to communicate with these beings, before they help us. Without full disclosure of this subject, we will never ascend to this god consciousness that they want us to connect with. In the midst of this I have learned that for the Universe, and these beings, there is a very strict rule of life for everyone - Non-interference. They are not allowed to interfere with our evolution directly, without our consent and understanding. I NEED to speak with someone soon. I am moving to New York city within the next week and I am willing to meet with a field investigator in the city if possible. I am a very reasonable and logical thinker when it comes to this- I had put this entire subject on the back-burner in my mind, since my friends have pushed themselves away from me due to what I tell them. The only thing keeping me on this subject, is my dreams. I had a dream last week that I was on the brink of sleep paralysis and I decided I did not want to be paralyzed in my dream, and I was shot straight into space. I looked at the stars and it was a beautiful view. The same night I had a dream someone tried to hand me a child, the child had soft blonde hair and big blue eyes. (I have brown hair and hazel eyes) I knew the child wasn't mine, but I was pressured to hold the child as my own. I didn't want to hold this child, but I did and I wokeup. AFTER my spiritual awakening I began having massive pulsing headaches for a few days after. Lines on the side of my head appeared, and four prominent balls showed up on my forehead. It felt like growing pains. Like I said, a lot of things happened in this week span of time. THE hand print is still on my wall- I would love for someone to come test the material that left the print on my wall!

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