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Black Triangle Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 54528
Log Number US-03092014-0001
Date Submitted 03/09/2014 03:11 UTC
Date of the Event 09/01/1986 09:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary I saw a triangle of 3 white lights over the city of Fayettville. It moved to slowly to be an airplane.
Tags lights ufo triangle

Sighting Location

City Fayetteville
Region North Carolina
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile, Unknown
Sighting Duration 00:30:00
Object Features None
Object Flight Path Straight-line path
Object Shape Triangle
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I'm afraid I can't remember exactly when this happened. It was approximately 1986. I was about 8yrs old at the time. My younger brother was about 1 or 2. At the time, the only way my mom could get him to go to sleep for the night was to take him for a ride in the car. An uncle of mine who was living with us at the time would always go along as well. One night when they came home, they were both quite excited. They said they had seen a UFO. They described an object that was rectangular, estimated about 100ft long and 30 to 40ft wide with bars of white light on the bottom. It hovered in place for a few minutes and then suddenly rocketed away and disappeared. The next night when they came home, again they had seen something. The next night, again they saw something. The fourth night, I asked to come along. As I said before, I was about 8yrs old. What eight year old kid wouldn't want to see a real life starship? (I should mention my father was in the military at the time and we lived near an airforce base. So even at the age of eight I was quite familiar with airplanes and helicopters.) We'd been riding around for about half an hour and I was keeping a constant vigil on the sky. I had a couple of separate sightings which I recognized right away as airliners. Then I saw something that seemed out of place. It first appeared to be another airplane but it was much lower than the other two I had seen and was moving much slower. I saw three white lights. They formed a perfect triangle. The lights themselves were quite small. They looked about like stars but they were moving in unison so they certainly weren't stars. There was a dark mass between the lights so it had to be a solid object. I know that because it obscured the stars as it moved. As far as the size, it looked to be about the size of an airliner at an altitude between 500 and 1,000ft. I pointed it out to my mom and uncle. It was moving slow enough that we were able to follow it in our car for some distance. We actually got ahead of it at some point and it flew right over us. My mom and uncle dismissed it as an airplane. I continued watching it as we went on our merry way. A few minutes later, the craft changed from three white lights into one large white light and began to accelerate. My mother and uncle saw it too. Suddenly it took off and vanished. It moved so quickly it left a streak of light in it's wake. About thirty seconds after it disappeared, three large airplanes flying one behind the other and quite close to each other, came from the direction of the airforce base. They were at about the same altitude as the UFO heading toward where it was when it disappeared. When they reached about where it had been they started flying in a circle. They remained there for I guess about ten minutes and then headed back toward the airforce base. I don't know what it was that we saw that night. Soviet spy plane? Experimental aircraft? Alien starship? I don't know what it was. I'm not completely sure I want to know either. I only know two things for certain: 1. Whatever I saw that night, I never saw anything like it before. And aside from a few stories on tv and the net describing a similar craft, I've seen nothing like it in the 30yrs since. 2. Whatever it was, it got the attention of the airforce.

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