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Black Triangle Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 57906
Log Number US-07112014-0017
Date Submitted 07/11/2014 02:44 UTC
Date of the Event 07/11/2014 01:10 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary I was coming home from the premire of Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes inb friendswood, Tx and pulled into my subdivision Autmn Creek. I thenjust happened to notice a perfect Triangle above that had 3 perfect round whitish yellow lights flyin,decending turn
Tags lights triangle

Sighting Location

City Friendswood
Region Texas
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Straight-line path,Path with directional change,Path then hovering
Object Shape Triangle
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I was coming home from the premier of Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes inb friendswood, Tx and pulled into my subdivision Autumn Creek. I then just happened to notice a perfect Triangle above and actually only could make out 3 perfectly rounded whitish yellowish but one exact color lights in the 3 perfectly bottom part of the 3 sided aircraft from three bottom lights, that were in a triangle. They were descending towards the street. I then stopped the car 4 ft from driveway and jumped out to make sure I was really seeing a triangle object or 3 bottom triangle lights descending from what seemed like the pitch black at night around 12:45am-1:15ish am 7-11-2014. As I jumped out the car and realized this was not a ordinary aircraft with jet engines because there was no noise what so ever. I then got a little worried and jumped back in the car, turned the car in to half way into the driveway and that is when I could see a rapid, smooth, silenced, 3 sided triangle almost a perfectly 3 sided triangle but a little wider with 3 lights in each corner of triangle craft and it seemed to be 15 secs from seeing it high in the sky to a decent down towards the street lights and high trees above the Autumn Creek neighborhood. I then could only say this air craft is beautiful, as I was in a daze.15 secs later I jumped out of the car as triangle shaped aircraft was descending and still could only see the 3 lights underneath, but knew this aircraft was coming down. I then jumped out the car in the middle of my driveway as a 3 sided triangle shaped aircraft with the 3 different lights underneath coming down at me began to get larger in width but absolutely beautiful in exact in triangle shape. I was in such a daze cause I kept saying beautiful , this is beautiful and still trying to get my phone to go to the camera. I was absolutely astonished because it was pitch black out, street lights were out or about half and I finally have my phone in the air but as Im pressing the camera icon and i could not get my screen to move on bit. As the triangle shape aircraft descended to about 100ft above tree level it was huge. I still could only see the bottom of the craft until it made a perfectly beautiful left degree turn over me and the full moon just barely shined on the side of the craft to allow me to see this very unusual stealthy black but blended great with the night. I also can say it was the size of my house, the width of the triangle can guess and say 5ft-6ft give or take . I apologize but hard to guess aerodynamics flying in air at time. This large triangle shape air craft mad a left turn over me perfectly silenced in air. I saw no jet engines for a B-2 Bomber, there was no engines or noise period. That is what amazed me the most. I mean this was a piece of aircraft workmanship and I have never in my 32 year life seen anything like this so outstandingly perfect flying in the air. Making small adjustments in speed in small amount of time and as it turned left it was above tree level and went perfectly above and between my two neighbors house which then I was about 15ft away but could see this black triangle shape aircraft almost seem to stop on a dime in the air, perfectly silenced, no noise, but of course a whitish yellowish but one color 3 round lights in the 3 corners of the craft and it seemed to hover for a sec or two in between my 2 neighbors houses. I still was watching this craft and as it made this small seconds hover maybe 50-100ft above. All of the sudden as fast as it came it made turn hovered and then went back to same speed it came in but away from me in the pitch black and almost seemed like lights came together or just moved faster away and got smaller but was going then. It completely blended into the night and I was standing in my driveway with phone in air but could not get camera app to open for around 15-16mis and it vanished very quickly. I walked into my house and exactly 10-15mins after triangle shape aircraft vanished there was a all black black hawk helicopter on scene , and exactly in path of were aircraft was descending before left turn. Actually the Black hawk helicopter flew over me and went left of me instead. I'm not sure if there was any meaning to that for this is my first time to ever witness or write about something I saw in the air, flying, and large Triangle shape aircraft. I do live in Houston are where we do have NASA and we have military bases. I love and respect my country fully , but this is something I decided as a man to write about because it was the most beautiful, amazing aircraft I have ever witnessed before and I hope I one day can figure out how this craft was flying with no jet engines or any kind of engined aircraft but mainly was amazed by zero sound.

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