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Black Triangle Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 57459
Log Number US-06292014-0012
Date Submitted 06/29/2014 05:52 UTC
Date of the Event 06/28/2014 09:45 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Triangular Object with Pulsating Light Observed Flying Over Then Vanishing
Tags disc lights photo

Sighting Location

City Troy
Region Missouri
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Straight-line path
Object Shape Triangle
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

During the evening of June 28, 2014 at approximately 9:45pm or a little later (2nd Intermission of a show) at an entertainment event at 198 Cherry Blossom Way, Troy, Missouri (W.L.W. Headquarters/Race Arena) a brightly lit triangular object with yellow/orange pulsating light(s) appeared high in the sky in what I think would be the South East and flew directly over a fairly large group of people (35-40?) toward the North West and as it did so, it continued to pulsate bright lights and diminish in size before it suddenly vanished from sight. For a few fractions of a second here and there, it also slightly appeared to be made of flames or fire. The object moved rather slowly as several witnesses were given time to notice it and point it out to others and make various excited comments about it. A friend and I were standing at the far end of the parking lot near our car approximately 100 yards from the entrance of the large building where most of the other event patrons were gathering during an intermission. My friend was facing away from the object when I first saw it. I immediately noticed that it was extremely bright and did NOT have the required red and green blinking lights on the sides/wings that would indicate an ordinary aircraft. I told my friend to hurry and turn around and look at the strange bright object in the sky behind him. As he saw it and commented on it, we both suddenly heard several younger people near the entrance of the building some 100 feet away also excitedly comment on this yellow/orange, pulsating, triangular flying object with "Hey! Look up there at that!" "What is that?" "Wow! That might be a U.F.O.!" etc., etc. My friend and I both commented that whatever it is, we are not the only two people who can see it. The object changed in brightness and slightly in shape as it crossed into the North Eastern sky and began to fade away. Then it was suddenly gone leaving no smoke or emission trail or any evidence as to where it had been flying. The object flew far too slowly to be a simple "shooting star" or dust/sand particle scraping the edge of Earth's atmosphere. The flight path of the brightly lit and pulsating triangular object seemed to be fairly straight and did not appear to change course too much. This thing we saw was in fact 1.) an object of some sort. 2.) the object was in fact moving on a steady course very high up in the sky, so it can be considered to be flying. --and 3.) we could NOT positively identify the object as to what exactly it was, therefore we concluded that it was indeed an Unidentified Flying Object. I apologize for being so interested in keenly observing it's flight path and commenting on it that I forgot to reach for my phone and take a photo of it. Both my friend and I are certain that we were not alone in observing this oddly behaving thing in the sky since we could hear other people and children at the event commenting on it from across the parking lot. Once we all re-entered the arena, the event started back up again, so there was no chance to discuss what we saw with other patrons in attendance.

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