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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 58716
Log Number PH-08072014-0009
Date Submitted 08/07/2014 04:24 UTC
Date of the Event 11/05/2000 06:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary High School Curiosity
Tags lights ufo

Sighting Location

City Antipolo
Region Calabarzon
Country Philippines

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 21-100 Feet
Sighting Duration 00:05:00
Object Features Dome
Object Flight Path Stationary,Hovering then path,Path with directional change
Object Shape Disc
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I was a high school student back then, in a classroom around 6pm, preparing to hear from my teacher a "ok, class dismiss" but suddenly the light turn off, i taught it was only a joke, but realised that a power shutdown in the whole city. We talking about it, my teacher tell us to calm down,me and my classmates sighted a bright object at the sky thru the windows, we debating what it is, at first, my classmate told me its an airplane, im waiting fo a humming sound which is i am able to hear because its an airplane, the object has a path pointing toward us. then my other classmate shout, "its not an airplane, it doesnt have lights and wings on side, but instead in a middle of it. we concluded its a helicopter with a flashlight or spotlight. its slowly approaching the school. due to my curiosity, i step out from the classroom, waiting the "helicopter", but in surprise, that object above the school building, directly above us doestn have a propeller, doesnt have a noise of a helicopter, doesnt have a wind from it, so its not a helicopter. it is a giant plate like object in the mid air, with a circular bright light in the middle. i feel excited, because for me its new technology, a new flying machine. it stay above us for about 5 minutes, we staring at it, around 500 student with me are staring at it, then suddenly electricity power on, the object disapper. after that, other day, to my surprise, me and 4 of my classmates are the only ones remember about it. im an engineer today, a lot of people doesnt believe when im telling them my experience. but i know my self, it is real. yah, aliens , ufo really exist. i want to see more. hopefully i see more in the near future...

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