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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 58134
Log Number US-07172014-0020
Date Submitted 07/17/2014 06:21 UTC
Date of the Event 07/16/2014 09:34 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Really bright Ufo traveling at fast speeds, sharp turns and descended
Tags ufo video photo

Sighting Location

City Bergenfield
Region New Jersey
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Stationary,Path with directional change,Path then hovering
Object Shape Fireball
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I was in the back yard having a smoke talking to two friends. Earlier about 30 mins before hand I thought I saw a strange light from the trees and brushed it off as a plane. We were sitting in the back yard talking and I caught a strange light through the trees again. II watched it for a second and then got up and followed it with excitement. One friend followed with me and watched and another friend just sat there not paying attention but said he saw the light. It traveled left through the trees and then ascended a little, it was a bright white bluesh color and was traveling at a vary fast speed. It went from traveling left and as sending to making a quick right turn without stopping. It then turned left again and turned to a greenish and then rose red color. At that time I ran into the house to grab my phone, I was about 5 seconds. When I came back out my friend that was watching it said it turned sharp right again when I just got back. It then just stopped in mid air for a second and descended. We didn't get any photos or video as my friends phone died when he tried to record it and my storage was full on my phone. After we saw it descend I grabbed the car keys and we went out looking for it. We didn't find anything but for some reason the air traffic was a little crazier than usual. We are located close to newark and teterboro airport. It seemed there was a lot more planes in the area than usual and also there were I'd say close to 20 planes that were flying very low after the object was seen. It's not unusual to see low flying planes but not that many in the space of 20 mins. Hopefully the radar for that night can be viewed. I have seen many ufo's but this Was by far the best. I debunked it from everything I know of but I'm not sure if it could may have been a drone as I'm not sure how they maneuver.

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