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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 56621
Log Number US-05262014-0002
Date Submitted 05/26/2014 12:41 UTC
Date of the Event 07/16/1988 02:16 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary blue orbs were floating in my bedroom my boyfriend's body was elevated 6 feet in the air my son complained a few hours later "the big beatles are getting me" he was 10 I was simply observing all this
Tags contact crash floating lights ufo

Sighting Location

City Boise
Region Idaho
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 20 Feet or Less
Sighting Duration 01:02:02
Object Features None
Object Flight Path Hovering then path,Other
Object Shape Other
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

please see short description above I have many memories from childhood in Los Angeles, California of having sleep paralysis recurrent nightmares of an airplane crashing into a tree across the street and also one of recurrent drowning in a creek I would awaken right before I "died" many nose bleeds as a child extreme fear of outdoor red Xmas decoration my mother displayed outside of my window at night my toys floating in the air as a child visions of myself, at age 5, on a gynecology table being examined by "doctors." I started masturbation at age 5 I believe I have the Alien Love Bite Syndrome (started at age 4) My older brother found on the roof of house in middle of night 2 or 3 times My son at age 10 complaining "The big beatles are going to get me" My son is in his late 30's now and sleeps with an overhead light shining on his face I can remote view, see auras, have seen Angelic beings of light, shadow people, I have heard loud voices giving me commands, "the spirit of my unborn daughter" came to me and "commanded" that I get pregnant at age 28...I did! My two children "turned off" and stopped loving me at about age 12 (I was a good Mother) I have been tested and have UHF waves in my brain and constant ringing in my ears I am currently wanting to have some regression sessions to be hypnotized to remember more (I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and would appreciate a referral) I see little sparks of blue light fly off people every day I have astral traveled once I saw a spirit who "dictated" a little children's story to me in 1988 (he would not leave me alone until I took the words down...then I published the book) I have always remembered my "home" being a place with vivid colors and rainbows..I have always been homesick and have never felt comfortable here I have seen my daughter, my deceased pets, and others in their astral bodies, I "download" information from "Angeles" when I am working and the advice I get is accurate, loving, and helpful to all concerned I feel driven to publish a few books this year and have tried to NOT write for years...but I am awakened in the middle of the night to write down stuff that is coming into my head I disturb the copying machine at work and put out street lights when I walk under them I would like to be x rayed to see if I have an implant in my head I remember a screen memory of a "ladybug" crawling up my nose as a child many nosebleeds as did my siblings and friend saw a ship over my home in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1998 do not recall being on a ship but would like to can you give me the name of a regression therapist here in Las Vegas, Nevada? Call me if you would like more information also: I received Shaktipat (The Kundalini) who picked me out of a large group of Yoga Students at Boise State University in the late 1980's. IT was an amazing experience The instructor was very angry and jealous that the Yogi picked me (I don't know why I was picked) I had more Kundalini experiences after that (spontaneous) one that lasted for one entire week! It was similar to an LSD experience I had to take psychiatric drugs to get it to stop I work as a counselor and have been MMPI tested and I am sane and within normal limits of psychiatric health My son, today, avoids all contact with me and is manic and nervous and becomes angry when UFO subject is mentioned

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