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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 52588
Log Number US-12042013-0002
Date Submitted 12/04/2013 01:56 UTC
Date of the Event 05/04/2013 03:13 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Fire Ball Explode In The Eastern Skies, like a Super-Nova explosion
Tags fireball ufo video

Sighting Location

City Central Islip
Region New York
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Unknown
Object Shape Circle, Fireball, Flash, Star-like
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

UFO, Asteroid or Super Nova. Saturday May 4th,2013. Fire Ball in the Sky. 03.13 a.m. Nichols Blvd, and East Cherry Street. Central Islip, NY, 11722. Whilst returning to my home in Long Island, NY. from work in Queens NY, I was one block away from my house, while on Nichols Blvd and East Cherry Street, I was observing the moon in its quarter period at 03.13am on the morning of May 4, 2013, looking towards the eastern sky while driving south, a bright light like a star caught my eyes on the left of the moon at about 40 degrees apart, The light began glowing and twinkling and appeared to be shifting about, as it form bigger than the point of light as it first appeared, it look like it was heading towards my direction to the west and began to get bigger and changing colors, it first looked white and then start changing into an orange, redish, greenish and black color and radiating, it appeared to be the size of my fist outstretched and it then explode into a bigger fireball which began to travel along the ecliptic plane in a Southernly direction in many pieces of fireballs, From that point of viewing while pulling of to the side of the road the object appeared to be breaking up with glowing debris separating from the main object, at that point I then remembered to use my phone camera to get a picture, but I then realized that it was charging, by the time I unplug and turn on the phone thinking it was in the video camera mode. I turned the camera towards the objects dis-interagrated into points of light going south. I was a very disappointed after realizing that the camers was in the still shot mode and I did not get a clear picture to show to my family and friends as proof of my sighting, the one picture I took I then sent, 2 text messages out, one to my friend and co-worker Allan Asencio and my wife Judy Phillip. The following days I began to look at the various news channel and you tube, and NASA, for any reports of this fireball, and nothing was found to be related, what I saw is unique to me, but no proof of the sighting make the reporting obsolete. I am compelled from within myself to post this observation at this later date of the sighting, from May 3rd 2013 to today, Dec 3rd 2013, what I saw is awesome to me, and I hope that some one, somewhere did observe this event, and with the expertise and access to investigate by mufon from NASA / ESA, maybe some light can be shed on this subject,I stand by my obervations, maybe a Super Nova that occured millions of years ago, now being visible, I would like to know, thanks,

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