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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 44649
Log Number US-12192012-0006
Date Submitted 12/19/2012 08:37 UTC
Date of the Event 12/18/2012 07:10 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Saw yellow orange pulsating light due west moving very slowly to ESE. Then clearly saw 3 large yellow/orange orbs just below cloud cover 500-1500' at 1/2 milr or less, size of a dime at arms length slowly descend and ascend above clouds and dissapear
Tags lights

Sighting Location

City Des Moines
Region Iowa
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features None
Object Flight Path Stationary,Straight-line path
Object Shape Sphere, Star-like
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

Had just gotten fuel for vehicles and equipment at Caseys in Carney(near Ankeny) was heading home when I noticed a large yellow/orange flashing/pulsating light due west of 6000 blk of NE 60th ave. It was moving slowly from west to ESE. I then turned down NE 60th ave off of NE 14th st and was heading west when I looked out my drivers door window and clearly saw 3 yellow/orange orbs stationary and evenly spaced (at first) appearing to hover roughly 1/2 mile or so to the south (was on 1200-1400 blk of ne 60th).. I rolled down the window and stopped on (ne 60th) to make sure I wasn't seeing some type of reflection. I was not. They were below the low cloud ceiling and appeared at first to be descending, then began ascent. They were approx the size of a dime at arms length and at roughly 60 degrees S. I became quite excited and decided to go on and turn down ne 11th ct (south)to see if I could get closer and spy a better look. When I parked my truck (less than 20 sec)they were moving up and away and disappeared above the clouds. I immediately got on my cell phone and called my brother in law who lives just down the street from ne 60th and told him what I had just seen. At that point I looked back to the west and observed the object yellow/orange that had first caught my attention cont to slowly move while flashing/pulsating to the ESE. I told my Brother in Law to hurry and get out on his deck to see it but he couldn't locate the object even though I was 200 yds to his N and could see it clearly before it either was obscured by the low cloud cover or simply went dark, I couldn't tell. A first I was very excited but became frightful and nauseated shortly after. This not my first experience seeing strange lights but it is most certainly one of the most memorable!

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