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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 54086
Log Number US-02152014-0014
Date Submitted 02/15/2014 08:19 UTC
Date of the Event 02/13/2014 09:30 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Possible UFO made Snow crop circle landing on the front yard with pictures
Tags disc hovering ufo landing

Sighting Location

City Undisclosed
Region Georgia
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 20 Feet or Less
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Other
Object Shape Circle
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

The event happened in February 13, 2014, Night time till next day morning when all the snow melted. My husband and I were at home, close to bedtime, we were watching TV in the bedroom, suddenly there were electricity interruption for a few seconds. This worried us, because that early afternoon the whole area had power outage for a few hours, but the electric company already came and fixed it. We were wondering about our cat because he was outside, my husband got up and went to the backyard and frontyard to call our cat to come home. That's when he discovered the snow crop circle. He yelled I have never seen anything like this and had the camera taking the pictures. There were no footprint in & out of the yard, the circle is almost perfectly round. I walked up take a closer look and took more pictures. It contains couple more circle within it. The next day morning, my husband took more pictures when the snow had melted a little more. The rings of circle appear more clearly like showing multiple layer of the bottom of the UFO or the UFO was hovering close to the land and slowly landing on the yard that made that rings of circle imprinted on the snow. We really can't think anyone would have done it. The day was really cold and it's dangerous to go out. It was the second biggest snow storm we have in Georgia, nobody go out and it was night time.

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