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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 55152
Log Number US-04022014-0002
Date Submitted 04/02/2014 01:24 UTC
Date of the Event 06/15/2013 09:15 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary UFO in sky-dropped out an object that 'observed' me
Tags contact crash entity fireball ufo

Sighting Location

City Harrisburg
Region Pennsylvania
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration 00:15:00
Object Features None
Object Flight Path Straight-line path
Object Shape Fireball
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I���m doing a numbered format that follows your written instructions to write my report so that, hopefully, you can better understand this rather bizarre and unusual event. The beginning of my story is boring, but please keeps reading b/c the story WILL get WERID, and maybe----just maybe--it can be a significant puzzle piece to the giant puzzle that you all are trying to piece together and figure out. Thank you. 1.) I was in the back alley of my house. (I have stray cats that I feed; but they hadn���t come yet. I was looking for one of the cats that was pregnant, and I was worried about her babies.) My house isn���t far from the back alley of the house. (I���m horrible with feet estimations.) But I���d say the back porch/yard of my house is about���for lack of the proper knowledge���about two in ground, family-sized swimming pools away from the back alley where I feed my strays. I know it was about 9pm because it had just gotten dark, and that���s what time it begins to get dark that time of year where I live. 2.) I noticed the object because it would have been virtually impossible *not* to notice the object. 3.) Well, since the object was fairly low-flying, I knew it wasn���t a plane or balloon or other such easily-identified flying vehicles. Plus, planes, etc. are not circular/orbs, nor do they glow a fiery, beautiful, bright orange color. So I reckoned it wasn���t something that is publicly known regarding military or new private-sector experimental flight vehicles because I just can���t see them making a ���fireball��� vehicle. But what do I know?? SO, I thought ���it��� was something unknown to (most of the) public. 4.) Okay. So, the orb like bright orange���for lack of a better term������fire ball��� flew away. (by the way, this wasn���t the typical ���ghost��� orb. It was way bigger than those ���ghost orbs��� folks have taken pics of, yet not super large either.) Anyway, as it flew away, it DROPPED ���something��� out of it. I cannot tell if it dropped out/released its object on PURPOSE, *or* the dropped object ���CRASHED���, involuntarily into the neighbor���s tree in my back alley. The ���dropped��� OR ���fallen out��� object was either black or dark gray. Now here���s the SUPER WEIRD part���. The object that either purposely dropped into the tree or accidentally crashed into the tree was robotic I assume. I say this because it did something: let me explain. Okay, for describing purposes, , , picture a black Jack In The Box child���s toy for the next story portion������ This dark object was not that much bigger than a Jack In The Box, nor was it much different than one!!! As I watched the black object, a smaller���again for lack of better words���strobe-like or snake-neck-like object protruded from the middle of the original small black object that fell/crashed./dropped purposely into the tree. On the top of the ���neck��� or ���snake-like neck��� there was an EYE. (not a real human eye, , , just something like a robotic eye). And therein lies my 15 minutes: ME watching the ���EYE��� watching ME!!! I know it���s weird, but it is what it is. Or was what it was. The ���eye��� scope watched me for about 15minutes until I realized that my dad would have LOVED to have been witness to this strange event, regardless of what it was (even if it wasn���t anything super special like a UFO or what have you; it would have been fun for my poor dad, and it was still a unique experience! But he missed it). SO, upon that realization, , , I ran into the house (again, a fairly short distance, in that it probably took me about 10 seconds to run into the house������then another four to five minutes to TRY to explain something so weird to someone----so that they understand you enough to really want to come out and SEE!!! 6.) HOWEVER, and of COURSE, my poor dad missed it. It was just gone! So I���m SO sorry to disappoint you by NOT being able to tell you how/when it ���flew��� away!!! I mean obviously it ���went��� away from between about four to five minutes----give or take 45 seconds or so���. (I did number 5 and 6 in reverse because it makes it easier for me to relate my ���feelings��� about it at the END of the story, verses the number five instruction you give. So here it goes���) 5.) How I felt. Well, I checked, ���affected my physiologically��� whilst filling this report because I think I *was* affected, , , in that, , , I consider myself reasonably intelligent. I would have thought to run and show my dad ANYTHING weird, fun, unique, exciting, etc, etc. Especially a weird, robotic MOVING, small object with a ���NECK��� and an ���observation eye���!!! However, I was mesmerized. I didn���t move, sit to rest my feet, move my eyes off it, or anything for the whole 15 minutes. I was like, ���locked-in-gaze��� with it (and it me). Like I said, I read a little; but I don���t know much at all! Yet, it wouldn���t take an PRO to figure out that it was observing me. And, I hate to add this because I���m quite sure it���ll make me see ���crazy��� or an unreliable witness; but a women kind of knows when she���s been stared at or watched. I ���felt��� it was definitely watching/observing me, and I was pretty transfixed. It was only when I snapped out of it, , , that I was able to fetch my dad (too late to see anything). It took me 15 minutes to form my own thought (of my dad). I don���t know if there���s any info I might have accidentally forgotten OR anyone would like or any questions. I���m very nice. I like people, and I wouldn���t mind answering anything at all. I guess since I���m not allowed to put my personal info, you���d have to contact MUFON and ask them. But I���d sure like to know if anyone���s had a smiliar experience. You hear ���UFO��� stories over the year; but I���ve YET to hear one that a person has a close incounter with a ROBOTIC entity! I���d SURE like to talk to someone else if there���s someone out there. TOO bad I can���t leave my email��� Ahh well���. Bright Blessings to you all, S P.S. It was moving its ���neck���. Like a snake would do to look into a hole or something. And it definitely appeared robotic (not organic entity, but who knows!!!). Email me if you want me to email you my sketch. Sorry I didn't have a camera. I'm not a 'sky-watcher'. Just was looking for my stray cats that I feed. I didn't realize the MUFON form would have an upload option. I wasn't prepated! Sorry! So I'll draw what I saw FIRST THING tomorrow morning (April 2nd), and I'll have it available for you by 5pm EST. if interested. Peace everyone!!!

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