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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 55820
Log Number US-04272014-0025
Date Submitted 04/27/2014 10:08 UTC
Date of the Event 04/18/2014 08:45 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary 2 lights in sky on outdoor surveillance cameras. large white amoeba shape hovering over ground by house that flew off. beam from 1 light that moved around. 2-3 other lights in background closer to ground in & out.
Tags hovering lights ufo video photo

Sighting Location

City Hernando
Region Mississippi
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 20 Feet or Less, 101-500 Feet, Over 1 Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Stationary,Hovering then path,Straight-line path,Path with directional change
Object Shape Circle
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

My "story" is a book. Strange things began to happen around us, especially after October 6, 2013- when our (my) lives changed. Prior to that date, I was a die-hard skeptic, I will admit. However, this isn't about all of that. It's about this 1 event. Due to strange happenings, we installed outdoor night vision surveillance cameras. One points south, down middle of our horse barn. Other points north, toward the street. I haven't paid much attention to the monitor screen which sits in our kitchen when Friday, April 18, after putting my daughter to bed, I walked past the camera monitor & something caught my eye. I stopped to look and first saw a large, white "thing"- hovering above the ground in our yard. Sort of like a flag pole with a flag but upside down. First I thought maybe a trash bag was blowing around. Then I realized the wind isn't blowing hard enough for that to occur plus it was hovering, blowing around in 1 spot. As I stared it flew up in air, over my horse trailer and down toward ground and out of view. I sat there a minute, trying to digest when I saw a thin light beam bouncing around the horse trailer. It then went above horse trailer, twirled around a bit, then back down. It was moving all around the trailer but only in camera view if that makes sense. Suddenly, 2 perfectly round white lights came into camera view in sky above trailer. One was just above the other. Then, they parted ways, each going in a different direction (east and west). They came back together and danced around a bit. I could clearly see that the beam was coming from 1 of those lights. The beam, by the way, wasn't solid. It was solid then skipped some space then solid- so forth. It was perfectly straight, like a pole yet had some dead space here and there. I quickly took out my cell phone and began to video the monitor. Then I stopped taking video to go outside and see what it was. There was nothing there! I ran back inside and it was still visible on monitor. I record again. I go back outside- nothing there. I go back in and it's gone. This may sound like nothing to you, but with all I've been through & experienced lately, it was extremely upsetting to me. I filed a report with the National UFO Reporting Center in WA. That guy was extremely rude and inappropriate. I know what I'm seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing, dreaming & catching on video & photo. I see it, hear it, feel it, & to be honest, communicate with it. I am a contributing member of society. I work hard every day. I'm raising 3 children and am a good mom. We own 2 homes and I run 2 businesses- 1 being a nonprofit. I'm college educated. The way I was treated by the National Center is absolutely ridiculous. I have a heck of a story over the past few months. Thank Goodness I have the photos and video to prove it. I used to think people involved in this stuff had to be weird. I guess the jokes on me. That's ok though. I am on a mission to figure all this out- to get answers. I'm not looking for attention by any means. I have plenty already. More than I want to put it blunt. I just want to understand what's going on without my or my family name being plastered everywhere. I apologize for going off on a tangent. It's been tough. We've been frightened and frustrated and tired of getting the runaround because no one wants to think what I have is real. I welcome any professional to test our photos or video. I can assure you it hasn't been tampered with.

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