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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 58381
Log Number US-07252014-0019
Date Submitted 07/25/2014 02:15 UTC
Date of the Event 07/25/2014 06:15 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary The ufo was appeared like a bright star. It was getting to be daylight and the ufo was very easy to see it was ascending up.
Tags lights triangle ufo video

Sighting Location

City Jacksonville
Region Florida
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Over One Mile
Sighting Duration 00:15:00
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Straight-line path
Object Shape Star-like
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I saw three small star-like moving stars in the sky and observed them from my kitchen window from about 5:45 to 6:15 am. I went outside expecting to see a bright ufo object because I have seen it before. The unusual thing is that I played a game with the ufo. I positioned my line of sight so that a tree was near. I stared at the ufo for about 10 seconds and then I blocked my view ufo with the tree. The ufo moved into my field of vision. I played this game with the ufo 9 times and it moved up, left and right. It is crazy to think that the ufo was observing me but that is my only conclusion. Why would a tiny ball of light pay attention to my field of vision. I call this game "peek a boo" and I have played it hundreds of times with various light sources that seem to move. These things have happened in the last 9 months. At night the stars in my area seem too bright. I can view them even when my house light is on. I can see them if I am standing under a street light. One day I looked out of my kitchen window and I saw a "star" in front of the tall trees. I rushed outside and I saw the light going upward like it was on a long piece of wire. Another time I was looking at an unusual light and I saw a star light descend. The movement is very smooth. Near the beginning, around 9 months ago, I was outside looking at the lights because they seemed unusual and a star light was descending right above me. It was still in the sky but I could see it was coming down toward me. I rushed inside, took a few breaths, and then went back outside. I could see the star light descend, wait a few seconds, and then ascend. Near the beginning I woke up unusually early, around 5:45am, and I could see three stars moving some out of my kitchen window. I watched them for about 10 minutes and then I saw a light that was moving. The light seemed to be going toward another light and when they collided there was an explosion. It was about the size of the moon. It was big and very surprising. I have seen 3 explosives in total. The next day after seeing the explosions I got up about 5:15 am. I could see stars moving some and they formed a large triangle. Then I saw another light source, it appeared in the middle of the triangle and it blinked in threes, blink blink blink wait. I did not see the object but only the blinking light. I saw it descend in the distance and then I saw it was coming toward me. I saw it blink in the front of the tall trees. I was a little shaken up but I went back to bed. It was very exciting to see. When I started seeing the odd stars across the road there seemed to be three odd lights in the back of my neighbors garage or building. Light A was always on but it would move some. Light B only came on for 15 seconds and if I was doing something interesting or abnormal. Light C will come on sometimes but it seems to move and flash at me. Lights B and C seem to only come on when I go outside. The most interesting light is the light behind my neighbors fence. If I walk down the fence the light seems to follow me. If I squat the light seems squat also. It is about 30 feet away. It is very bright and appears from 11pm to 2am. I setup my computer and I ask the light a variety of questions. I do not get any answers but sometimes the light will blink at me. I usually play movies for the light. A couple of weeks ago I played a DVD about people using explosives to blow up old buildings and the light appeared for 3 days in a row which was very unusual. Sometimes the light does not stay for the whole movie. Usually the light appears 2 or 3 days a week. The light has turned off when I asked the question on my computer, "Do you implant metal in humans?". The next day the light appeared and I asked the same question and the light disappeared. The third day the light appeared and I asked the same question but the light stayed. Another time I wrote, "Your lights work like a video camera" and the light disappeared. The interesting part is that months earlier I wrote, "Your light work like a camera" and the light did not turn off. The light has turned off when I made faces at it, this was at the beginning. The light also turned off when I heard a gun shot. The light turned off when I held up a newspaper comic Zits, apparently aliens don't have a sense of humor. Last week I typed the first two lines of the decoded binary message from the Rendlesham Forest incident and the light turned off. I have not seen the light since. Below is what I typed. Exploration of Humanity 666 8100 52.0942532N 13.131269W (Hy, Brasil) One of the oddest thing is that me and "them" had a counting game. One night around 2am I was intently looking at a vacant piece of land and wanting to see the aliens do something. I saw an orange light blink a few times. I laughed and then blinked back at the other odd lights (A, B, C). A fist was "off" and an open hand, like the number 5, is "on". We played this game about 3 times. One time when I was pulling into the driveway I saw a blinking orange light in my yard, I laughed, and "blinked" back using my hand. The blinking game stopped one night. I saw a blinking orange light and then I saw the backup lights for a car. It scared me and I hurried inside. I wrote on the computer that we could play more games but I never saw the blinking orange lights again. Now that I think about it the car was just backing up and not "trying to get me" but at 2am it is hard to think straight after seeing some odd stuff. And to top everything off I saw an ufo before all of this started. I turned the main road and it curved some. There are trees on both sides of the road and at the end of the road because it is a dead end. The ufo was thin and close to the trees. The ufo was spanned from the corridor of trees on the left to the ones on the right. The oddest thing to me was that is had two large flood lights facing me. The flood lights were not next to each other. Me and a passenger saw it for about 10 seconds as it slowly drifted to the left. The additional pictures are of an ufo that I saw for several months. I could see it as early as 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm where it appeared to be a very large bright star. At 5:30 pm it was just a glint but it was in the same location. I played the "peek a boo" game I mentioned with it everyday. The pictures where the first day I got a smart phone. Some of the pictures were taken from a moving car. The day that I took the pictures was the last day I saw the ufo. It was a little disappointing, the pictures were very crummy, and that ufo never appeared again. The pictures were taken on December 29 at 6:05 pm and 6:21 pm.

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