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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 55238
Log Number CA-04062014-0012
Date Submitted 04/06/2014 04:10 UTC
Date of the Event 08/10/2009 09:10 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary circular with circular rotation bright light underneath with red/orange light mid section
Tags landing triangle

Sighting Location

City La Loche
Region Saskatchewan
Country Canada

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Dome
Object Flight Path Stationary,Hovering then path,Path then hovering,Other
Object Shape Other
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I was working at a remote oil camp exploration roughly 82 miles north of my community and 50 km off the highway. One evening after checking the calendar, it was around august 10/09, me and a co-worker from camp who is now a very good friend of mine decided to go to a nearby lake which was used as a float plane landing lake before camp was setup, but anyway there was a bridge set up as a T shape. We sat on the bridge while listening to music from my phone and talking. I was sitting facing the south and my friend was sitting two feet to my right and she was facing north. We kept talking for a while, until I shifted to my left and looked over the lake, it was a nice evening and while we were chatting, I moved my head over to my left and noticed an object above the treeline across the small lake and there was no sound from it. It was a circular shape on the bottom and sort of coned up to the top, in the middle section was an orange/red color light, it wasn't bright but there was a middle panel of it. On the bottom part of the object was a bright white light that moved in a circular motion that lit up the treetop and onto the ground and water. It would be like if you held a flashlight and moved your wrist in a circular motion, you'd see the light going in circle. This object moved slowly along the shoreline and slowly moved back above the trees and slowly moved behind the treeline and was it gone, few minutes later it slowly came back out and moved very slowly along shore line across the small lake and it kept moving slowly and we were at awe and my friend at that time was scared and ran back to the truck. I still stood on the bridge and kept watching this object, my friend at that time was honking the horn so we could leave cause this object was getting closer to where we were. I still stood there and as the object kept moving slowly along the shoreline, it was getting brighter as it was getting closer, but it was still on the other side of the lake and by that time, my friend kept honking the horn and I felt like I should leave as we do not know what it was and I should keep my friend safe as well, so I went back to the truck and we left back to the camp which was a couple of minutes away. After calming my friend down, I went back to my room, I wanted to go back to the lake but I didn't. I now regret not going back cause whatever it was, I wanted to know what it was or what I could even pick up from observing it, but overall it was an interesting thing to witness. I just attached a picture using google earth, triangle was where we were and the star is where we saw the object and it moved behind the trees with the red drawing and came back pretty much along the same area and slowly moved along to the right where there is a beach which I always wanted to go to, but around that area is when that object was until we left.

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