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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 46226
Log Number US-03152013-0016
Date Submitted 03/15/2013 05:04 UTC
Date of the Event 03/14/2013 09:09 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary 3-5 objects 1 within a few miles others several miles distant all with extreemly fast strobes
Tags disc lights photo

Sighting Location

City Lake Havasu City
Region Arizona
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Over One Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Straight-line path,Path with directional change,Path then hovering
Object Shape Flash, Sphere, Star-like, Other
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

A little background: I have been a semi-avid, amatuer astronomer for the better part of the last 18 years. I have spent countless hundreds of hours observing the heavens, both with, and without optical aids, I own and use astronimical telescopes up to 13.1" in aperture. Until now, I have had a nearly immediate, and logical explanation for EVERYTHING that I have ever seen in the night sky. I have always been a skeptic regarding any sightings of unidentified objects. Over the years I have observed, and been able to identify just about every known type of aircraft. I know the characteristic appearances, and behaviors, of stars, planets, various aircraft, visible spacecraft, and satellites. I have seen Iridium Flares, tumbling satellites, the space station, the space shuttle, the Hubble space telescope, all are identifiable, and very obvious to me. I am familiar with, understand, and am cognoscente of the affects, and distortions, that various atmospheric conditions, such as: air pressure, temperature, humidity, and unstable air masses, can have on the appearance of these objects. The surrounding desert areas are commonly used by military aircraft for various training exercises, I regularly see in-flight refueling, and mock dog fights amongst fighter aircraft, including flare drops. On any given night I can spot, identify, and discern the difference between military, and civilian aircraft in the night skies. About 9:00 P.M. AZ time, on March 14 2013, My wife and I stepped out to our patio to have a cigarette. The view from our patio is primarily to the SE and S out over Lake Havasu to the Whipple Mountains on the California side of the Lake / Colorado River. An object appeared in my field of view, apparently traveling from roughly ENE or East, to WSW or West, slightly above rooftop level, less than 10 degrees above the horizon. This object appeared to me as rapidly flashing white strobe lights as it traversed my field of view. It was unlike any aircraft I have ever seen. My first response was "What The F*** is that" as I was seeing something unidentifiable to me, for the first time, Ever. My initial thoughts were, perhaps this was a nearby, radio controlled aircraft that someone had equipped with extremely fast cycling strobes in order to fly at night. My wife acknowledged that she also was seeing something. I observed this object for about 15-20 seconds until the object disappeared from view behind some trees, and roof tops to the SSE. I was prepared to pass this observation off as a nearby remote controlled hobby craft of some sort, when it became evident to me that my wife was not observing the same object I had spotted. She was pointing to a spot in the sky directly SE approximately 30-40 degrees above the horizon, that I had not not previously noted. There to my astonishment was what appeared to be another set of very rapidly flashing strobe lights, although they appeared to be much further away than the first object I had observed. Again, my reaction was "WTF is that" (being a seasoned, experienced, sky observer, I have never had that kind of reaction before) The object that I had initially seen began to reappear periodically between trees and rooftops to the SSW, only then did my wife see that object, this initial object had to be closer than about 12 miles because at this point it was traveling much lower than the Whipple Mountains in the background, which are approximately 10-12 miles distant. At the apparent elevation of the object, I would estimate that it was traveling as little as 100 feet, but no more than 300 feet above ground, and or the lake surface. I would now speculate that it was at least a mile or more away from out point of view. As this object continued westerly, our view became obscured by our neighbors house, we went to our front yard through our garage, to see if we could observe that object in our view to the WSW, but we did not see that object again. We went back to our back yard patio and continued to observe the more distant object/s that my wife had initially spotted. These distant objects, unlike stars appeared to move, the apparent "strobing" effect observed was considerably faster than any aircraft I have ever observed. This object appeared at times to be more than one point of light, as if there were two or more objects moving apart, then coming back together again. I grabbed my binoculars for a closer look, and through a magnified view there were two distinct somehow illuminated, orb shaped objects that were separating, and coming back together, and or passing one in front of the other. I looked at them both in and out of focus, (I know the difference) and unlike stars that appear in magnified views, as just points of light, without any angular dimension to them, these had an angular dimension, similar to how the major planets would appear in magnified views, at least in shape and angular size. But these definitely were not planets, nor were they any type of conventional aircraft. No colored navigation lights appeared on any of the objects observed. Their apparent movement across the sky, from my vantage point, was very slow, making them either very slow moving, or very distant, and or very high in actual altitude. While observing this distant object/s, we noticed yet another one several degrees away, that displayed the same characteristics. These 2 - 4 ? objects remained visible to us for 15 to 20 minutes, they eventually faded from our view until they were lost in the background stars. Being Curious, I would like to know if any one else in my area reports this incident. Certainly the nearby object had to be seen by many others, and likely from a much closer vantage point than mine. Being a skeptic, and hearing all the recent controversy, and noise, about the government using drones for surveillance on US soil, I am curious if these were some sort of drone ? that I have not seen before ? All I can say right now is: I am 100% clue less as to what It was, that we saw last night. I am 100% certain others had to see it. I am 100% certain they were not stars, they were not planets, they were not nebulas, they were not satellites, or any other kind of known spacecraft, they were not any kind of conventional aircraft that I am aware of. They were not flares. That only leaves one question: What The F*** were they ? Let me know if this report warrants further investigation, I could provide notated daytime photos, and maps, to show where I saw these objects relative to my vantage point.

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