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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 24740
Log Number US-07242010-0007
Date Submitted 07/24/2010 06:18 UTC
Date of the Event 06/30/1985 12:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unknown
Summary Group of glowing balls.
Tags contact police lights

Sighting Location

City Lorain
Region Ohio
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 21-100 Feet
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features None
Object Flight Path Stationary,Hovering then path,Straight-line path,Path then hovering
Object Shape Circle, Sphere
Weather Factors Does Not Apply

Sighting Details

The event took place during the summer of 1985 (July) and was reported in our local news paper (The Lorain Journal). I will never forget what happened that night for the rest of my life (My mother still has the article.) It was the last summer that I lived in Lorain, Ohio prior to joining the U.S Navy that (October 23rd) and going to Great Lakes for Basic Training. Earlier that summer (June 1985) I had graduated from Southview High Scool and took a security job with Valley Security @ (Ford Motor Co.) just to keep a few dollars in my pocket for the summer, until I went into the Navy. My older brother who had been working at Valley Security for a couple years got me the job. My brother {who I will call Van for this record} was SGT. of the watch from (2400 - 0800). During that summer the Truckers (E&L Trucking) were on strike ... that's who transported the vehicles once they came off the assembly line (Lorain Ford Motor Plant.) The parking lot was full at the plant because of the strike, so they started taking the new vehicles to an empty lot down the road about two miles away. That's where the event took place. I worked from 2400-0600 at that lot which was directly across the street from Lake Erie. The night started just like any other night before, where I got there at (11:45 PM) sharp! I spoke with the officer who I was to relieve, at which time he gave me the radio (walkie-talkie) and the clip board and then left. I contacted HeadQuaters (HQ) at the Plant (Ford Assy Plant) and spoke with my brother Van who was the SGT of the watch that night, and let him know that I was at my post and all was secure. Just a little side note: This lot was about half the size of a football field and had been empty space before they started parking the overflow of vehicles coming off the line. My job was to drive there and park and every hour on the hour walk the property to make sure that the vechicles were secure and then report to HQ. On this particular night I had been at my post for about 30 minutes which makes the time 0015. I had relieved the watch and reported to HQ that all is well. As I sat there in my mothers car facing Lake Erie, I noticed some glowing lights going straight-up out of the water slowly into the air. My first thought was that maybe some boater's were launching some sort of distress signal or fireworks. It was kinda weird because most flares or fireworks move faster than that. To be honest that is what really caught my attention! I got out of the car and walked to the front of the vehicle and leaned on it. As I was doing that these glowing lights continued to go straight-up in the air "slowly" and then stopped for a couple of seconds. Now I'm thinking what the heck is this. The objects began to move "slowly" forward, coming directly towards me. In other words it's flight path would look like an upside down "L" shape. As the objects got closer I noticed a couple things: * There was a cluster of them (5 or 6) moving in perfect sync like the Navy's Blue Angels only much much slower. * There was absolutley no sound or exhaust coming from them. * They were perfectly round orbs or spherical in nature. * There was no marking's of any kind nor was there any Port/Starboard lights as seen on military or commercial aircraft. * They were about the lenght of a car. (only round) * They were pulsating in differnt colors (but no sound). * They were close enough where I could hit them easily with a stone. Continuing ... As they moved towards me, I turned on my brothers police issued flashlight that he would let me use when I worked at this location (field) It was very dark and there were no street lights in that area. Anyway that's how I knew there were no markings or numbers on these objects and the flashlight did not cast a reflection. They came to a complete stop directly over me for about 30 seconds, that's when I thought about picking up a rock and throwing at them. I didn't because it would have been awkward to throw at something straight-up in the air. (However they were close enough for me to do it with ease.) The next thing I knew in a flash or the blink on an eye they were GONE! So I called down to HQ (walkie-talkie) and reported what I just saw, and made notes in my report. Minutes later the night sky was buzzing with fighter jets F-15 that I assume were scrambled from Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Dayton,Ohio. When I got off that morning (0600) I was called to HQ to give a full report of what happened to the Capt. To be honest I don't think anyone believed what I saw, so when I got home that morning my mother had made breakfast for Van and I at which time I told her every detail of what happened, and I even drew her a picture. After breakfast I went to bed for several hours because I had to be back at work later that night again from 2400-0600 in the same field/post. When I woke up for dinner that evening my mother had the local news paper (Lorain Journal) waiting for me at the table. On the front page was a picture of what I drew for her and several witness's testimonies. Not only did I see these things but a Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer, Nurse, Fireman and a few others. The only differnce between them and myself is that they saw these things from a distance, where as I saw them up close and personal. After I got out of the military I moved to Atlanta,GA (South of the city) and on a few occasions have seen these things again. Only not in a cluster (group) but one at a time, and I have contacted the FAA (Hampton Center) that is near my home about this. One of my close friends is a Supervisor (Air Traffic Controler) at the Hampton Center but was off the night I called in to report the object. Thank you! Sincerely, *(Wit's name deleted--SGonzalez/CMS).

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