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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 54666
Log Number US-03132014-0032
Date Submitted 03/13/2014 05:15 UTC
Date of the Event 08/03/2013 03:30 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Nightime Multiple Witness Sighting Followed by Possible Close Encounter(s)
Tags contact crash disc floating hovering lights triangle ufo video photo

Sighting Location

City Minneapolis
Region Minnesota
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 21-100 Feet, 101-500 Feet, Over 1 Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Dome, Window(s), Other
Object Flight Path Path with directional change
Object Shape Sphere
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I apologize for the delay in reporting, but I sincerely thought I was losing my mind. I went back through my photographs from the day I will describe and saw several strange objects, and read online about testimony from people who described similar phenomena. So I'm submitting this report in the spirit of contributing one more story. On August 2nd, 2013 I traveled to Minneapolis to see my friend's new house (out of respect for his family's privacy, I'd rather not say the location other than that it is in a northwestern suburb of the city) and reconnect with some high school friends I hadn't seen in a while. The first night we made food and drank beers and fell asleep, and spent the next day making minor home repairs. In the interest of full disclosure, over 6-8 hours we were drinking again and smoked roughly 1.5-2 grams of weed between 4 experienced smokers, and in the course of the night went out for a cigarette when my friend commented on the unusual coloration and brightness of what appeared to be a star, just above the treeline of his backyard. It was white, unusually large in comparison to the other stars in the sky, and appeared to be 'sparkling' into different colors- blue, green, purple, but white at the same time, if that can be imagined. My other two friends came out and joined us and we discussed whether or not it was a UFO, when I pointed out the recent appearance of two similar objects that had appeared within our field of view, distance hard to judge but far enough away that they were small but large enough that they were distinct, perhaps half a mile or less. One was perhaps 100 meters in front of us and straight up, the others arrayed off to the left. I was unable to see if any other objects were off to our right, as the view was blocked with vegetation. They appeared to be configuring in relation to each other- lining up and staying still, then shifting slightly, making variations on lighting patterns. They appeared to be blinking, but rarely in concert, more often 'back and forth' (this pattern would continue throughout the evening, and the next evening as well). At this point I became excited, as I had never seen a UFO before- never considered it as a possibility or had much interest in the subject beyond a passing fascination with the implications for world government- but my other friends weren't as interested. Two of them watched the objects with me for awhile, and then went to bed. They concluded that the sky looked weird, but were hesitant to say 'UFO.' However, we saw some noteworthy events and, as they can be corroborated by everyone, I'll record them. 1: A hovering object, star-like, whitish orange, above and to our left at what appeared to be the cruising altitude for small planes or slightly above, being intercepted by a plane which appeared to be flashing additional lights- not simply the running lights common to all planes, but flashes of light from forward-strapped lights. The object did not move and the plane was forced to change course, flying around the object. It was moving quick and there was a noticeable jet engine sound as it approached, but not a fighter jet engine unless it was somehow muffled. The plane's change in course at the last second made everyone go 'Whoa!' so I know everyone saw it. 2. One of the bright, close, large globes began to move laterally, slowly and in both ways at first and then decisively, smoothly but incredibly fast, about a quarter of our field of view to the left. A bright streak of light shot past it shortly thereafter, like a shooting star but with a larger flare. This also elicited a 'whoa' from the group. After this, two friends went to bed, calling us crazy, and my friend and I (who I have a history of strange adventures with, and with whom I had one possible previous sighting/encounter 5 or 6 years ago) stayed up the whole night watching the stars move around. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Several times in the following months I witnessed single stars begin moving or stop on a dime or zoom away, always while I was in the company of close and trusted friends. But this night, I saw fleets- my friend and I drew charts of our observations and they were similar, although I now realize that we mistook some constellations for objects, as the sky was filled with so many of them! The conditions were clear and I did not observe any other strange phenomena, other than perhaps 6 planes over the course of the night which were on strange flightpaths- we lay under the flightpath of Minneapolis/St Paul airport (Northwest, if I remember correctly) and also near a civilian airport I believe and while we saw many planes that night (jetliners and small planes, marked by their distinctive blinking lights and unchanging flight patterns) these planes moved very much faster and seemed to be equipped with weird light-making machinery. As I mentioned, they engaged in a sort of call and response. Helicopters were sighted close to morning and twice flew almost directly over my friend's house. Three or four times we witnessed very bright, orangish stars descend around our field of view, but never closer than a half mile or so to us. This observation caused some trepidation. We were not visited that night, though. We thought we saw some visitation going on, however. At sunrise, two brilliant star-like objects, silver but glowing, rose parallel to one another yet miles apart, one in front of us and one behind our vantage point, rose slowly to ~2000-2500 feet (pretty high but distinct) and then shot up instantaneously. The sight of these two objects in particular inspired a very positive feeling which I find it difficult to describe. The majority of the objects we witnessed that night (I would estimate 100-150 over the course of the evening, with perhaps 10-20 of those being the aforementioned mostly static, occasionally rearranging, blinking globes and the rest formations or groups of star-like points of light) were small white dots that appeared to be very much higher than the other objects. They were not colorful and did not appear to be sparkling. We speculated that this was due to their being above the atmosphere, and their occasional shooting-star type trails of brilliant green and blue appeared to confirm this. Typically we saw three to five in a group, and one would begin to move, appearing to vibrate sometimes prior to moving, then stopping. They appeared to be arranging themselves in formation as well, mostly focused on triangles but also shapeless groups. Sometimes there would be dramatic exchanges between groups- after several hours of this we called it 'jousting.' One object would embark on a collision course with another group and at the moment of impact would skitter off or go on a strange trajectory, sometimes being chased. The idea that we were watching a battle of some kind was strange and wonderful to me, being so beyond our comprehension. There were occasional blue flares I took to be explosions of some kind. Even higher in the atmosphere, visible only through binoculars, we saw at one point a large group of these points of light/moving stars. They apppeared to be arrayed in patterns, or symbols- I distinctly remember a 'horseshoe' shape that must have contained 10 to 20. The activity seemed to decrease around dawn (now having watched the sky for roughly 6 hours, we were tired)but occasional blue flares and indistinct zipping movements indicated to us that whatever was going on, was still going on up there. The two distinctly silvery, bright ships (which looked like nothing so much as the star that led the 3 holy men to jesus, and I am in no way religious, but the star seemed to have distinct points, if that makes sense)rose around dawn and then disappeared and I took a break from watching the sky. I only took one picture that night, it is the first in the series that I sent you. I took it in the time before dawn of a particularly close glowing object. I tried to turn on my camera during the night but it wouldn't stay turned on, despite having a full charge. During the morning we bid farewell to each other and everyone left the house but me- I was to lock up that afternoon when I drove to our other friend's house before a concert. Unable to sleep, odd after a sleepless night, I went outside and sat in a hammock situated at the rear of my friend's backyard around 8 or 9 am. My camera began to work again, and I will send you the entire photoset. To begin with, I perceived that there were many UFOs in the clouds. I perceived dots- transparent white dots, now- moving at incredible speed from and through clouds in the sky. Through binoculars, I also observed them 'nestling' in the clouds- apparently burrowing into the cloud. When these clouds moved in front of the sun, there were shadows of circular objects. Through binoculars, I saw these objects move through clouds, creating holes and displacing vapor, and also apparently dispel or attract vapor and spin it around themselves. It seems important to note that their motion all the while was rotary- spinning motions. Before very fast movement, they would spin, seeming to 'charge up' before zooming off. I had the strangest idea- that they seemed to sense that I was looking at them, and at first I thought I was scaring them off, but then I was apparently attracting them because they began to come closer- very close, closer than the night before certainly. I had another strange idea- that they were somehow interested in communication, or some sort of, I don't know. That they wanted something of me? That they were trying to show me something? It appeared to me that craft would appear instantaneously and invisibly (though their outline was obscurely visible to me) yet wreathed in a sort of dark, greyish mist. Before the mist obscured the craft I could swear I could see a sort of metallic hull, but it appeared to be clear and metallic and rainbow-colored all at once, for a second, before it turned into a cloud. This was much clearer to me through the binoculars than it was with my unaided eye, and the camera pictures (while they show the objects) don't show it at all. I had the feeling that large, rounded or football-shaped ships with turret-type of things either at the pinnacle or underhanging would slowly shift or somehow open on the bottom side and deposit one to six smaller craft. I perceived that these smaller craft were the ones who were coming closer to me, while the larger craft stayed farther away. At one point I looked at one of these larger craft's underhanging turret and saw something very distinct, but which made me think I was utterly crazy- similar to the turret of a B-52 bomber I saw a glass enclosure with the total stereotypical x-files grey alien standing at what appeared to be a computer console. He appeared to see me looking at him through binoculars (I estimate a football field away, or slightly less) and hurriedly pressed a button on the console, which appeared to 'fog' the turret and I could no longer see him. There. I wrote it. The words appear crazy to me but that's what I saw. Very distinctly. I can picture it in my mind's eye. the thin legs and big head and black eyes and quick, sure movement of the wrist to the console and the fog appearing shortly afterward. I was not on any drugs at the time. (maybe a bowl of weed, but I smoke often, and it has never caused me to hallucinate aliens in 10+ years of smoking). This was near the end, though- shortly before my friend arrived. I will tell what happened during the day, however. Mid-morning I had been observing the white dots moving through the sky when I felt a distinct presence, as though I had been noticed. Shortly thereafter, strange clouds which appeared to wobble on an axis began to appear, disgorged from the apparently larger ships which appeared to be clothed in big puffy clouds with strange shadows in the middle whenever they moved over the sun. These larger clouds moved with the prevailing wind, the smaller ones most distinctly did not, sort of filing out of the big ships then appearing to wobble then teleport to closer locations. These closer objects were clothed in a dark grey, wispy fog, distinct from the puffy white clouds which appeared to surround the farther away craft. Their wobbling movement and slight lateral movements were very apparent to me, as they were 100 yards away or less and I was watching them through binoculars, with my naked eye and with my camera. I began to feel a terror and also an ecstasy. The idea of making contact was foremost in my mind and if I had received a phone call informing me my parents had been in an accident I would have stayed. The photo record will show that I was taking several pictures a minute until around 11 o'clock, when I took a picture of several strange clouds close to me. There follows a roughly 50 minute gap in the photo record of which I have no recollection. I remember feeling that 'they had arrived' and then seemed to 'awake' in the middle of the yard, roughly 50 feet from my previous remembered location, kneeling. There were no signs of trauma other than a strange, 2-3 mm cut on my index finger of my left hand, my writing hand. I continued to take pictures for the next several hours, of which I have vivid recollections and would be happy to expand upon. I felt like I could somehow 'see through' the clouds and perceive the craft within them, and was visited by something like twenty or thirty 'groups' of craft, of distinct shape. There was a seemingly organic race, which gave me decidedly negative vibes. I have taken pictures of one cloud in particular which was shaped like a loch ness monster and appeared to be vacuuming up clouds, and larger craft which (this sounds crazy) i perceived as large organic beings. Their relationship to the smaller craft, which were shaped exactly like flying saucers of hollywood and mars attacks, was unclear to me, but seemed somehow adversarial. One group appeared to be driving out the other group, and vice versa. I do not know what to make of this. Also, I should mention the one in particular which seemed to draw my attention- or rather, appear wherever I focused in the sky. Unlike the other objects, this one was not cloaked, but rather took the form of an outline, very small and 'saucer' shaped with a dome, with a distinct pink tinge to the missing space. I would look at a cloud and suddenly a slightly pinkish, saucer-shaped hole would appear. I had the sensation that this was the saucer who had been 'showing' me things, or that I had some connection with it, or that it was protecting me, or something. Good lord, I sound like a lunatic. I should add that throughout all of this I was strongly preoccupied with the possibility that I was having a psychotic break with reality- the fact that my stimuli were not lining up with reality as I had previously known it, and this caused me great fear. I considered checking into a psychiatric hospital. When I closed my eye, I saw the strangest things. I recall, specifically, a bright glowing field in the center of my field of closed-eye view, which would periodically enlarge (often coinciding with increased proximity of clouds) and show me images, some fuzzy, some crystal clear, all disorienting and out of context. A recurring vision was of a face, similar to the stereotypical grey almond-eyed alien, but green, with a crease in the top of the head, also with large eyes but somehow older or more wizened-looking. I had good feelings about this guy. Emerald green was his color, the color in my mind's eye which seemed to signal his arrival, and his face was the color of a forest after rain, slightly brighter perhaps. The connection seemed to be marred with static. I perceived each time (most times?) I was 'shown' something that I was going through several glowing rings, not unlike a level in a flying video game in which you must pass through portals to continue- these white rings would increase in frequency, giving the illusion of increasing speed or ascension, and then i would see something. Here is a brief list of the batshit-crazy things I saw in my mind's eye over the course of that afternoon. Maybe they will be of some use to someone. A large fleet of organic, insect-y looking things (pressing my memory for details, i guess i could describe them as large larvae or wasp-shaped, with underhanging legs in some cases) in a sickly yellow haze. Large ships disgorging fleets of smaller ships. I felt not so hot about these visions. I believe I was shown the interior of one of these ships and it looked like being inside the guts of a large organism. I'm unsure of the beings which piloted them. A feeling of deep disconnection or distance, not necessarily evil but scary in that I was hallucinating large alien space bugs as well as being inside large alien bug spaceships. A glowing blue presence, deep blue but radiant, seemingly characterized by tendrils, though whether of energy or physical matter seemed unclear. I was apparently shown the inside of a craft or city which appeared to be the same blue color with bright blue/white ornaments or screens, apparently of crystalline construction. I remember a feeling of awe at the level of apparent advancement, and that I perhaps had direct encounters or was given a sort of tour, which had connotations of hospitality or indulgence. I remember an orange presence with something inside it that I cannot remember, but I distinctly remember liking it each time it appeared. A feeling of joviality, or hope, or humor, kinship was more distinct with this presence. I distinctly remember closing my eyes and seeing an orange circle in the center of my vision and it growing and thinking 'cool, i like this one, i'm happy it came back.' as with the blue presence, i have the feeling that i was shown things and perhaps made some sort of bond or connection, but that these things are out of reach of my memory. I had the distinct idea also that there were triangle craft, invisible huge triangles either close to me or far away but watching me. I had hallucinations of transparent pinkish-orange triangular masses hovering over me or within view (sometimes huge and sometimes merely house-sized). The previous night we had seen large triangles which darkened or blocked out the stars, apparently disgorging smaller triangles or also sort of acting as aircraft carriers for them, the smaller triangles moving erratically and dancingly across the sky. I perceived that these triangular guys didn't like the points of light guys. Interestingly, as I type this narrative, I feel as though I am 'unlocking memories.' Until just now I had sort of suppressed the memories of the orange and blue presences, as well as the invisible pink triangles, on account of how incredibly batshit crazy this is. In terms of types of cloud-cloaked craft I was witnessing- I simply don't know. After a certain point they all looked like clouds- there were the big puffy white clouds that deposited smaller greyish saucers, and the weirdly shaped clouds i got an organic vibe from, and finally strange militaristic/star-wars looking craft that i was able to perceive however indistinctly, in the distance. The grey alien I saw was on the underside of one of these craft, which were not saucer shaped but rather modular, squarish, and even had glowing engines. As I write this, it occurs to me that I am mixing my sources- I was shown this sort of craft, and the mechanical triangular craft, in my closed-eye visions (with accompanying unfriendly feelings) but also saw somehow cloaked craft motoring around. At a certain point, I must question the effects of lack of sleep and an overexcited brain, and I certainly know that for days or weeks afterwards I was preoccupied with the idea of ufos in the clouds. So I must conclude that I saw some things which are real, and some things which are not, but I will write the whole mess and leave it to you to recognize things which may be of use. This pattern of weird clouds coming close (sometimes i had the strong sense that they were in the yard or literally right in front of me, with accompanying strange vision of outlines of stereotypical saucer-w/cockpit shaped energy field, which resulted in hundreds of pictures of nothing, of which i have deleted roughly half and now regret doing so)and seemingly instantaneous closed eye visions (i would get the feeling, 'okay, time to close my eyes...now' similar to going under hypnosis and then snap out of it later with a strange feeling like coming back up for air- i don't think i would have been able to resist this, and indeed i think i tried to, and failed, a few times) continued for several hours...how many hours will be a question i return to momentarily. Shortly after I saw the grey alien in the cockpit of the cloud (I have to laugh when I type these sentences but I swear they are my recollections and in no way fiction) my friend came over to pick me up prior to the concert. He was concerned to find me still watching the sky after 12 or more hours. I pointed out several craft which seemed apparent to me which he was unable to see, or rather acknowledge as craft. He did see the cloud formations to which i was referring (the small craft had ceased to come)but did not or was not able to see the crafts. He did, I noticed, perceive the parallel holes made by their passing. At this point I began to seriously worry about my mental state. We played fetch with his dog, and his dog acted weird as hell- it would fetch the stick and then drop it to growl at things that weren't there, and eventually ran in the house, a normally friendly and boisterous golden lab reduced to a whimpering puppy. It would not cross the stream which marked the rear boundary of the property to fetch the stick. Here's another ridiculously crazy thing that I'm not sure happened, but will record anyway. Good god. I am so scared to submit this- because these are the visions of a paranoid schizophrenic. But I have the strangest feeling that this may be of help to someone, or that it is important for me to do so. I trust that this account will not be mocked- but I can't shake the vision of a prospective employer googling my name and coming up with this- but once again, there's the little voice in my head- 'don't delete this, it's important, you must Tell The Story.' I excused myself from my friend to go to the bathroom and wash my face (I don't believe I had moved from the hammock for 3 or 4 hours, at least) and when I went inside and upstairs, I was struck once again by the 'time to close my eyes' feeling/suggestion and when i did, my vision was entirely, immediately, intensely green- not starting in the middle and spreading outwards, as before, but all pervading green, rich green both light and dark at the same time, the same color as the wizened face which had consulted me- and when i opened my eyes I shit you not there was a glowing green pyramid/diamond floating in the middle of the living room. It was steady and hovering and I considered yelling for Bob but did not want to further seal my fate of a padded cell so waited to see what it would do- if a little man would step out, or what. But it just sort of faded there. I closed my eyes to see if it was an after image, turned around and turned back, waved at it, but no real response. I had neither a positive nor a negative feeling about it, other than the negative feeling of 'well, if i hadn't lost my mind before, i've definitely lost it now.' It floated towards me slowly, at an even pace, in what may have been an attempt at being soothing which would be touching if it hadn't come from an opaque glowing prism sent telepathically by an alien guardian. I considered once again running or yelling but was assured, somehow, that this was not a hostile or dangerous Thing. So I stayed put. The glowing pyramid and I had an interesting 10 seconds or so face to face at roughly arms length, and then I reached out and touched it and it appeared to 'schlooop' into my finger and I felt a sort of tingling. It was then that I noticed the small cut on my left index finger, which did not heal for at least two weeks, but did not bleed or hurt. Checking now (~6 months later) the scar is still present, but indistinct. I was not struck with any new revelations upon having an alien energy prism absorbed into my body, so went to the bathroom and had a good long look in the mirror. The next weirdness comes when I went to my friend's house. I drove there, lucid, but certainly fixated on the sky more than usual (quit looking at the fucking sky, my friend kept saying)and we went to the grocery store around sunset and I realized it was an awfully early sunset for August and asked my friend for the time (my phone had died during the day, despite having had a full charge the night before)and realized it was 8:30. I thought it was like 4:30 or 5. There are definitely several hours missing from that day, of which I have no recollection- the first 50 minute period is documented on my camera by absence of compulsive photo-snapping, but after my camera died around noon, I guess I lost a few hours (apparently taking tours of various locales around the solar system). To give you an idea of how skewed my idea of time was, I missed a concert that I had been looking forward to for months (Postal Service reunion show, I still kind of kick myself, but going to a postal service show with another dude would have been pretty depressing anyway)because I was unable to wrap my mind around the fact that to me it seemed like 5:30 or 6 but actually it was 9. as I was typing that an extraordinarily clear vision of a white, podular city or building of ornate and beautiful construction on a desolate surface came to me. Perhaps I should seek hypnotic therapy- I begin to worry for my anal virginity, if memories are popping up like this. Perhaps it's best not to follow that line of thought too deeply. To put it mildly, I was very wound up and freaked out both my friend's roommates. I was pointing out UFOs which appeared to be taking off from clouds in the sunset in the distance and staring at the sky. They weren't seeing them. I will enclose pictures taken on my iphone- my camera wouldn't charge, connected to a wall or computer, and my friend's new laptop wouldn't access the camera's memory card and shut down after we tried 4 or 5 times. I believe my friend conferred with his roommates, trying to convince them that I hadn't lost my mind, but I was busy being convinced that we were being invaded by aliens. It was an interesting scene. You will see in my pictures of that sunset through the kitchen screened window that there is a weird little orange ufo flitting around. I did not perceive that at the time- I was taking pictures of the sunset in the distance, and the disks apparently taking off from the top of large clouds. At one point I took a picture of an apparent glowing white disk UFO, which can also be seen in my Iphone pictures. As the night progressed, I once again saw distant white dots starting and stopping movement, changing course, and lower, static, colorful dots in a row or in triangles, as well as faint triangle craft which appeared to issue from larger triangle craft, which interacted with each other. We were in the flight path of an airport but the flights did not interact with the craft to the same extent as before, though I got video of the planes 'flashing' the objects. I had the distinct feeling that there was communication between the two parties through these lights. Eventually, we went to bed (having missed the concert and spent the time catching each other up on each other's lives, my teaching in Vietnam and my friend's adventures in the financial industry and love, etc, while I kept one eye on the sky as we were out on his back deck, which borders a golf course and so affords a good panoramic view of the sky) At this point I hadn't slept in 36 hours and had spent roughly 24 hours glued to the sky and wanted to sleep very badly, to sleep and to wake up and have everything be normal, but a flashing light out the window drew me out on the deck... Good lord. Memories are returning, but I'm unsure of their verity. I will record everything as clearly as I can. I sat outside and observed stars moving and blinking and was no longer sure what was a hallucination and what was real and pondered the question of madness and was once again struck by the suggestion to close my eyes and was this time seemingly the recipient of an invitation, which i did not understand. I looked above, straight up (something I didn't do very much during this whole experience, being focused on things moving around in front of me)and saw a white craft, perhaps 500 feet or slightly more, above my head. I opened my eyes and saw that I was once again on my knees. I had a feeling of 'this is it.' I mentally projected the following thoughts (paraphrasing) 'My name is Evan and I am a teacher of children because I believe in the possibility of a better world and it is in the spirit of all possible love that I welcome you to this planet and I know so little but understand that I have become involved in something I don't understand and am appreciative and will seek to use the strange knowledge granted me by you or other beings which are unfamiliar to me and so I give you love' and at this point mentally inhabited/projected memories which are dear to me and which signify 'love'- hugging my grandmother, laying in a flower-strewn mountain meadow in the rockies with my friends, saying goodbye to my first class on the last day of school in Ho Chi Minh City- memories which resonate with clear, pure light for me, which I figured would be the best way to indicate what I am generally about to The Moving Stars and whatever weird beings inhabit or control them. The response seemed to be generally positive and I had the sense I was being rewarded for my thoughts by beings (personified by the same small, pinkish outline-craft that had followed me through that afternoon) and I had the most wonderful hallucination- that wherever I looked at the cloud field, I was being shown distinct pictures! I don't recall them all, but I remember the Indian God Ganesh (I'm not hindu, of course, and have only a passing familiarity with the gods)and a train and a two star system (at that point I had never heard of Sirius) and big hearts. It was a pleasant half an hour- I felt like the craft present in the sky were reciprocating the feelings I had sent them. I am unsure of the cloud-picture thing, to put it mildly, but the feelings of love were there. I had a sense of change and ending and 'jousting' between stars began again, with one star detaching from the formations and sort of chasing other stars that had appeared, and closed my eyes, and felt an intense feeling of admonishment, warning, fear, something- I opened my eyes and seven to ten globes of light were apparent in my field of view, descended to 500-1000 feet in the last ~5 seconds and between a football field and a half mile away from me, over the golf course, with the lowest apparently ~50 feet above the tree line. Then shit got weird- I became fearful. I no longer trust my memory from this period, because I was so sleep deprived and it was strange and distinct from the rest of my experiences. During the previous day I had felt mystified and scared, but scared by the novelty of the experience, not any bad feelings from craft I had seen. But now I felt threatened and vulnerable and like something was trying to 'get' me, to unclear ends. I felt at one point a literal physical tugging upwards (I'm a star wars nerd so I thought 'tractor beam') and things around me began to move. I just got the instinct to save this narrative, email it to a trusted friend and to type faster- just as memories have been occurring to me as I type this, i just got the distinct sense of danger, of transmitting dangerous information, please excuse any grammatical errors. Namely, there was a power line separating me from the craft in the field. One line (i believe) was moved slowly, gradually upward until snapped and fell to the ground, and the other major line was stretched towards the house until it formed a V, as though it had been stretched and hooked on a drainpipe, and at this point I felt very distinctly the presence of several small, malicious beings. I heard things on the roof of the house, and something crashed through the forest as though falling from a great height. I had the sensation of small, scrabbling feet and want or desire. I had no further desire to be exposed on the porch and retreated inside. I repeat- I witnessed one power line being broken and another being physically moved. Perhaps investigate reports of downed power lines or repairs to lines near golf courses by Minneapolis power companies in the first week of August? (This would be the night of the 2rd, morning of the 3rd) I did not sleep. I was tormented by visions of robotic entities floating around outside (similar to the robotic octopus droid Luke shoots in the beginning of Empire Strikes Back) and of indistinct manta-ray like craft and at one point there was a clear V-shaped shadow over the golf course and a helicopter came and flew over the house shortly thereafter, very low. I was convinced that aliens were outside and was trying to take pictures of whatever was running around outside and on the roof with my iphone camera. I heard something on the deck. It was a scary night- whether or not everything was in my head, I was unsure, but I felt like I was in danger. The next day, I woke up, drove away (the power line was no longer stretched to the roof, but was hanging slack) and spent the day looking at clouds, without seeing anything definite. I met some friends and told them about my experience and they thought I was going crazy. I was staying next to Loring Park. Here's a link from the next week: http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2013/08/loring_park_ufo_mystery_solved_video.php Interesting: the only UFO sighting report I've ever seen that has a definite solution to the mystery. Possibly unrelated. The feeling of being watched remained. That night we went to a Prince tribute show and I thought there were aliens watching or present somehow, and was happy that they would at least be exposed to a little bit of Earth Culture's good side. The next day, I was walking to my truck and an unusually tall, old homeless man garbed in many layers of clothing walked past me, gave me an intense look, then pulled a U-turn on the sidewalk and followed me to my truck. As I got in and pulled away, he stood there looking at me, not moving or averting his gaze. The image sticks in my mind very clearly. For the next several weeks I was tormented by visions of UFO-laden clouds. At one point, my grandma and I were driving into the sunset on Interstate 80 and I was trying to avoid crashing while paying attention to several disk-shaped clouds which were not translucent in the setting sun's rays when my grandma drew my attention to a saucer shaped cloud, grey and wispy, wobbling on its axis and hovering directly over the interstate, ahead and above us. 'What's with that cloud? It looks funny,' she said. I tried to keep my mouth shut as it wobbled up and down. 'Must be the little green men,' she shrugged, and then went back to talking about recipes she'd like to try. The next time I looked, the cloud was gone. From August until September, I traveled around reconnecting with old friends I hadn't seen and spent time with my family. On 4 occasions: twice in my hometown of Ames, once in Iowa City, and once from a moving bus somewhere in Wyoming, I saw a star begin to move and change course and intersect with another star. Each time I was with a family member or two, or a close and trusted friend, and each time I pointed it out, to their perplexity. But I didn't want to stop and say 'HOLY SHIT THE UFOS ARE BACK' so just said 'does that star look like it's moving to you' and they would say, 'why yes, it does' and resume talking about their job or dogs or sandwiches or whatever. The best example of this came when I was walking with my mom and dad in some woods near Carr Pool, off 13th Street in the Eastern part of Ames. I interrupted my parents to point out a star that had begun to move. My mom saw it and went 'well, yeah...that's moving. what the hell? is that a satellite?' and my dad didn't see it. Almost as if to provide an even more dramatic example, the first star was followed by two more, moving faster and (!) in tandem! At this point, my mom grabbed my arm, and my dad said, 'wait, you mean those satellites? you think those are UFOS?' and my mom and i had a wordless moment and we continued to talk about nothing, the conversation resumed. My mother and I witnessed one more show of moving stars in Ada Hayden park on the outskirts of Ames. An unspoken understanding passed between us as we paused our walk to observe, but we did not speak about it. Occasionally I am 'visited' at night by the green energy in my closed eye vision. I do not receive clear messages, or any messages at all. Maybe once a week, while I am preparing to go to bed, I will have a strange feeling, turn off the lights and lay down or sit cross legged, and a green energy, the shade of which I know very well, will start as a point in the center of my closed-eye vision and build until it occupies my field of view. Sometimes I see nothing distinct, sometimes it seems to be an energy field crackling with energy, sometimes I will see sudden flashes or streaks of movement across my vision, but my favorite- this has happened 2 or 3 or 4 times maybe in the last few months- is a sort of view like a camera strapped to the bottom of a jet moving impossibly fast- like I am soaring through the clouds or hovering above cities. This lasts 10-30 seconds at the most. My least favorite are when I have blurry, obscure visions of things coming towards me, like leeches or clumps of mud. Perhaps the strangest vision I have had was of a triangular/pyramidal structure, flickering and floating- shortly thereafter I looked at a UFO video (i've developed somewhat of an interest in the subject) and saw the same structure on a TV weather report from Lincoln, Nebraska, which I had driven through just a week or two before! Hm. Anything else. I am currently in Vietnam and since returning here in December have not witnessed anything out of the ordinary, except for the occasional set of parallel holes in clouds high in the stratosphere (I'm always looking, now, but it no longer preoccupies me). I attended the Burning Man festival a few weeks after all this happened. I had not been planning on going but a friend of mine bought me a ticket and upon venturing out on the first night was dumbstruck- the giant Man structure was standing on a UFO the same shape as the one that had followed me around, and he was glowing the same shade of green as my visions, and the head of the Man was the same shape as the head which had appeared to me as a sort of tour guide. I had not yet ingested any drugs at that point. A number of zoetropes inside the big wooden UFO, when rotated, played looping flip-motion animations showing several things I had seen that afternoon several weeks before- the same face, patterns I had seen, orb-shaped ufos rearranging themselves. I am not sure if this is relevant but even before I had taken drugs these coincidences seemed ridiculous. So- please do me the favor of a reply to my e-mail (evan.cooper.hudson@gmail.com) with a frank appraisal of my sanity. Enclosed are several pictures- the time stamp is off by a day and 12 hours. The first picture and last picture in the set are crazy and there are several other interesting ones as well. I'll include movies as well. Write soon with any questions or if you seek elaboration on the photographic evidence and please, please tell me what the fuck happened. What forces was I/am I in contact with?

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