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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 59078
Log Number CA-08192014-0016
Date Submitted 08/19/2014 08:41 UTC
Date of the Event 06/30/1966 12:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary don't see UFO
Tags none

Sighting Location

City Mirabel
Region Quebec
Country Canada

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance N/A
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Unknown,N/A
Object Shape N, A
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I was born on 1961, I was young when this event arrived,I think it was before I began to go to school (don't really know the year). It was a hot day, I was in my brother's room, kneeling on the floor, playing with his littles cars. Suddenly, in the corner of my sight on the right (West), I saw very quickly two silhouettes moving rapidly from the window nearby the end of that wall. I jumped on my feet and turn around to see what that was because I felt that was very strange: it was too fast and too silent to be real persons, and what I saw, was not exactly human. Then I saw that there's nobody with me in the room (the door was closed). But I know that I really saw something. So, I began to search everywhere in the room: under the two beds, in the closet: nothing. There was a big (for me at this age)chest of drawer placed in front of the window. I was not afraid, just really curious to find out. I was trying to move the chest of drawer to see if they passed by the window when my older brother irrupt in the room, asking me what I was doing. So, I tell him what I saw. He started the research to the window. He showed me that the mosquitoes' net was still attached, so I have to admit that the two silhouette was too fast to open and close that net. After our search in all the room, my brother told me that was just my imagination. But, at that time, I knew what I saw. So after he left the room and close the door again, I began to stay still, watching the right corner of the room. Then, slowly, I start to slowly move my self to the right, my eyes wild open. Then, I saw them again, still from the corner of my eyes; they were at the same place. Then, as they began to move to the right very rapidly, they disappear again from my sight. I still began to turn to my right very slowly and then, I saw them again! I was so surprised that I looked at them directly and they disappear! Quickly, I turn my eyes to the left to find them and then realize that I can only see them from the corner of my eyes. I tried a couple of times to look at them directly, but I had to look elsewhere if I want to see them. I didn't move anymore, not feeling afraid but too curious and trying to see them better because, they were really not human being. Hard to look at them that way, but I really paid attention to them. I noticed that they were looking at me. Then, I heard them by telepathy and in my own langage (french) that they seems to be surprise by the fact I could see them. When I heard that, I jumped a little bit, and then again, they noticed that I can ''heard'' them. Strangely, they looked surprised again. Then, as they started to move fast again, they quickly disappear from my sight. I search and search again for them in the room, but never found them. So I return to play with the little cars when suddenly I saw two strange legs and feet by my left side! This time, seems that they autorize me to look at them directly because when I look at him, I just had the time to see a tiny finger pointing to my forehead and heard that strange thing told me: everything will be alright, we will not hurt you (��a va aller, nous ne te ferons aucun mal). As the tiny finger touch very delicatly my forehead, I felt my head falling back and then I was unconscient. At that moment, I was not affraid, but still very curious. When I began to awake, the first thing I felt like something, like a medical tube, was slightly going out of my nostril (don't remember right or left). then, I began to open my eyes and I had just the time to saw a little bit that tube. I closed my eyes a little bit ant when I opened them, I was still alone in the room. I stand up and try to look everywhere again, but I found nothing. Then I thought that was a dream and return to my little car, but my head full of questions. Suddenly, I thought that I felt a fly under my nose and try to chase it with my hand, but when I took my little car, I saw blood on my hand. I was young, so I did what every little kid do when they saw blood, I began to cry and shout at my family trying to tell them what just did happen. My sister cought me on my way out and asked me what happened, but inside me, I knew that if I told them the truth, they won't believe me. So the only thing that went out of my mouth was: I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding! I was looking to my sister and in direction of the room several times. Many dreams of aliens and spaceship after that. It was also in the time of the tv series ''Lost in space''. But I think they put a tag in my head, like we did with the animals. Don't know the purpose, but since I'm young, I have health's problems. I also had a head trauma at approximatly that age, so I think that my health's problems may be related to that trauma. Never saw them again! End of my story... Oups! Almost forgot, the description of that two visitors: They were about 4 foot 3 inches high (I still have the chest drawer at my home and from what I remember, they were just a little bit higher than that chest). They were like nude, very thin, maybe gray skin because it was not too dark and really not a clear skin ether), dark eyes, direct nostrils in the face and a small mouth. Too far away in time, not sure and can't remember more than that.

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