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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 56470
Log Number US-05202014-0016
Date Submitted 05/20/2014 06:46 UTC
Date of the Event 08/03/2005 11:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Silent Sphere at Brown Mountain
Tags lights ufo video

Sighting Location

City Morganton
Region North Carolina
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 501 Feet - 1 Mile, Unknown
Sighting Duration 01:00:00
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Straight-line path,Path with directional change
Object Shape Sphere
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

My friends and I frequent Brown Mountain, North Carolina to investigate the Brown Mountain Lights and related UFO activity. On this particular evening what we observed did not appear to be "Brown Mountain Lights" which we had observed in the past. From Wiseman's View, one can see Table Rock which is separated from the viewer by the Linville Gorge, a massive gorge often called "The Grand Canyon of North Carolina." I approximate that Table Rock is 2-3 miles from Wiseman's View. I will attach a picture of Table Rock. We had been watching for the Brown Mountain Lights when we first saw the light. It appeared in or behind the treeline on the lower step of Table Rock. Occasionally, the light would brighten and then dim again. We thought that perhaps a camper or hiker was on the mountain shinning a bright light toward Wiseman's View. Then the light began to move. It appeared to stay at the same altitude, but moved back and forth within the treeline. At this point we speculated that perhaps it was a helicopter, behind the treeline. Still, the light would increase in brightness and then dim, furthering our speculation that it might be the spotlight on a helicopter. We watched this phenomenon for about 45 minutes. It would move back and forth, never going further outward than the treeline. Finally the light lifted above the treeline, and slowly, but intently above Table Rock. Then the light appeared to move in our general direction. Within 30 seconds the light had moved from its original position above Table Rock to directly above our heads. It continued on its path until it was well behind us and out of sight. The only aircraft that could move in this fashion would be a helicopter, however this object made no noise. While it is impossible to know the exact size of the object since we lacked a reference, I know that had it been a helicopter it would have been close enough to hear. We attempted to video the light after it had began its move toward us, but the batteries in our equipment had died. While I am certain that I had charged the equipment, human error could explain the equipment. Along with a picture of Table Rock, I will attach a Computer Sketch of the events I witnessed.

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