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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 53157
Log Number US-01022014-0006
Date Submitted 01/02/2014 06:57 UTC
Date of the Event 12/31/2013 12:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Blazing orange flames/fire/friction high in the sky,out of which tumbled a gray(transparent?rectangular) cube shaped object with slightly rounded corners.While tumbling end over end it slowly rotated & I saw darker gray circle on at least one of its sides
Tags photo

Sighting Location

City Napa
Region California
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Other
Object Flight Path Straight-line path
Object Shape Unknown
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I live in Northern California not too far from San Francisco. On 12/31/13 at approx 8:00 pm I saw what initially appeared to be a large orange burning object, high up in the northeastern sky . I had my sunroof open, had just parked my car in front of a restaurant, turned to converse with my son who was sitting in the passenger seat and this object caught my eye. For the past few months I had been witnessing strange out of place and unusually bright objects in the night sky that had peaked my interest enough to have caused me to purchased some good binnoculars and it just so happens that I keep them handy in my vehicle and not taking my eyes off of "it" I reached for the familiar spot and pulled them out. It was a blazing orange colored glow, getting brighter as the glow area increased in size .It was something big I watched it get even bigger with my naked eyes as I raised my binoculars saying "that is NOT a plane it looks as if it is something big and on fire. I took one fast look before quickly handed them to my (adult) son saying OMG you have to look at this thing . He rolled his eyes and turned in his seat( this was not the first time I had asked his opinion on an object of my interest in the night sky) What does this look like to you? As he is tall he held them up and out of the sun roof and he looked at the object through them, asking me at one point to assist him in keeping them as steady as possible (so I used the edge of the sunroof to brace my right hand and the held the right side of the binnoculars steady with my extended fingers) Excitement on my part was mounting because he didn't hand them right back to me saying "it's nothing" as was often the case. He said nothing and he continued to look. I started to ask questions " what is it, its not a plane. is it a plane. is it on fire, are those flames,? He said "it definatly doesn't look like a plane but there... is fire". I said "I knew it was on fire, what is it, what does it look like, does it look like it's getting bigger,do you think it's part of the comet debris, or a maybe a meteor ... it kind of looks like...(I was going to say an asteroid but instead I said.) is it coming at us..do you think it is aimed this way, is it going to hit us maybe, do you think it might hit near to us ? Then I stopped as he turned to me I grabbed the binnoculars and started to focus them while looking up to calculate the positioning and angle I could see the glow was fading. He said "it looks like its on fire but it looks more like fire from "friction" Thinking he was dismissing the event I said "friction? How do you know its friction. How do you even know what fiction looks like"? he responded "because I've seen friction before" I said "you mean like.. maybe from entering the atmosphere kind of friction?" He said "possibly" I raised the binnoculars I looked through the glasses it was hard to find (at first) as it was no longer bright and blazing nor orange, the fire was almost out. Luckily small portions of it were sizzling on rear facing end. I found it just as the last embers were extinguishing. I watched it come closer and closer I could now see the object clearly it was in front of me and I was now facing forward in my seat but the image was still somewhat blurry and faint and it was in a tumble, turning this way and that, end over end, and it continued tumbling almost as if in slow motion, My impression at the time was it appeared to be a rock that was somehow uniform and resembling a cube. It was square ..leaning slightly towards rectangular, but the corners were curved/rounded. The surface of it was smooth but not flat What I saw was gray in color...and this is the strange part I saw a big darker gray circle on one of the sides as it turned to face me, and in some way it seemed sort of transparent like an illusion at this point I kept it in my sight through the binoculars and I said to my son, What the hell is that? He said he could barely see it now with the naked eye and he was trying (as it turned out unsuccessfully )to take a photo with his phone I watched it and saw the circle one more time before the cube shaped rock heading southwest disappeared behind the restaurant building directly in front of me.

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