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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 55934
Log Number US-05012014-0013
Date Submitted 05/01/2014 09:28 UTC
Date of the Event 05/01/2014 02:00 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary 3 spinning disks moving slowly. when lights were off we could see whole object otherwise it was black surrounded in lights most of the time
Tags lights video photo

Sighting Location

City Undisclosed
Region Oregon
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Over One Mile
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Dome
Object Flight Path Path with directional change
Object Shape Disc
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

I was at my neighbors house hanging out. Everyone was going to bed so my girlfriend and I walked home. I looked up in the sky and saw 3 disk shaped objects moving slowly through the sky. At first they looked liked stars because I have blurred vision but I knew they couldn't be planets or stars because I could see no other stars on a clear night. I was able to see, by squinting, that it looked like a black circle surrounded in roughly 10 lights on the outer rim of the disk. My girlfriend confirmed what I believed I saw. They all spun slowly and moved independently of each other. One stayed in the distance, barely visible, to the south of me. One other started close to me and moved to the west. The last one traveled from the south toward me and turned to the east directly at me when I was waving my arms around. It then started making erratic movements that didn't seem to make any sense for a ship to be making in my opinion. It looked almost alive. Some movements seemed to be in right angles but it still appeared to be moving fairly slowly from my vantage point. I couldn't believe I could see it so clearly. They didn't seem to be trying to hide themselves at all. I thought it was incredible. It then turned off it's lights and I could see the actual object. It looked like it had a bell top but was difficult to fully make out. I couldn't tell if it changed shapes. After about a minute or so it turned the lights back on. At that point it turned back into what looked to be a black disk again and continued moving side to side toward me. I think that it saw me and may have been making signals because I can see no other reason it would continue moving in these directions. Why I believe this is because it ultimately didn't go very far at all until 5 AM when I lost sight of it and the other two, as they disappeared off to the west and one to the south west of me.(I live just to the east of the Willamette river in Milwaukie, Or. btw...) Before they left though, the one that looked like it saw me continued making the erratic movements including bouncing up and down and started to go a little faster. Definitely the the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life. I have no doubt that this technology was extraterrestrial. Hopefully other people saw what my girlfriend and I saw and can possibly confirm and give further details I may have missed. Unfortunately I have no video or photos. My camera wasn't good enough to see it in the dark. Thank you for reading

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