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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 54281
Log Number US-02252014-0005
Date Submitted 02/25/2014 05:04 UTC
Date of the Event 08/01/2009 08:34 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary 50 dim red light objects looking like a flock of birds or flatten black diamond transforms into an elongated black boomerang wing with no fuselage.
Tags hovering ufo photo

Sighting Location

City Phoenix
Region Arizona
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 101-500 Feet, 501 Feet - 1 Mile, Over 1 Mile
Sighting Duration 00:02:37
Object Features Wings, Other
Object Flight Path Path with directional change
Object Shape Boomerang
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

On August 1, 2009 in Mesa, AZ around 7:40 PM, I observed several different UFO's occurrences for nearly an hour which for me is extremely unusual, but it is the very last sighting of that evening I am wanting to really report first even though the other sightings are important too. I had just moved to Mesa, AZ in 2009 and decided to take some pictures of the full moon, so I set up my camera's tripod on the porch waiting for the full moon to get into view. During that time, I was looking around in the sky when I started seeing these things occurring in the sky which for the whole evening I had a total of eight separated UFO sightings. In the last sighting around 8:34 PM which is what I really want to report, I was watching the sky towards the west when I saw what appeared to me to be a large flock of black color birds flying towards my direction at a very low altitude. I thought that flock of birds might be a good picture to take with the twilight slowly fading away in that direction where the sun had recently just set. So I peered via the camera's eyepiece viewer which the Nikon camera had a 300mm telephoto lens attached to it. What I saw traversing towards my location literally surprised me when I was only expecting a flock of birds flying in a tight group and at a low altitude. What I saw was absolutely bizarre and I had never seen anything like it before in my entire life-- one section of it appeared to be a very dim red light similar to a dim LED light which had on each side of it two larger pure black sphere objects attached to the dim red light. Additionally, there was at least 50 of these things flying together in a group at equal short distant flying in perfect unison in a flatten diamond shape pattern. Furthermore, I thought I could see through between the spaces of these objects and faintly see the background behind it. At that point, the object(s) started to get out of my view which I lifted up the camera and quickly relocated the camera to the north wall; in the process, someone was walking down the sidewalk, and I startled him. The man looked at me, then saw me looking though the camera, so he looked in that direction. He stared in that direction at the object for at least 5 seconds then looked back at me in surprise, then quickly continued on with his walking. To the naked eye, it may had looked like a flock of birds, but if he had looked through my camera's lens, he would had seen what I was seeing which I didn't tell him. I began taking pictures of the object as it was traversing, but what I didn't realize at the moment that my ISO film speed wasn't set correctly for low light condition. During the entire time, I never heard any noise being produced from the object. The object went directly over my head and started to make a sweeping turn. At that point, I lifted my camera up again trying to take pictures of it. I then relocated the camera to the west wall. When I looked up into the sky on the west wall side, I saw (with my own eyes) the object now appearing to have an extremely long "V" shape wing something like two rulers joint together to form a slight angle. It was somewhat similar to an stretched out boomerang shape. The dark color wings looked very skinny to me almost like a glider wing, very long and slender, and somewhat smoothly curved at the end. I was also having a hard time trying to determine if it had actually a solid, black color wing since it almost seem like I could see through it. The object glided over me so slowly that I thought it was almost hovering over me for a brief moment. What shocked me even more was the distant in altitude this UFO was located in the sky. I originally thought this object was at a low altitude like just above the rooftops, but it was in fact located at least and nearly three miles up in the air. I speculate that the total wingspan of this object was at least 100 yards in distant. The size of this object also appeared to me to be possibly 3 times the size of an 727A commercial jetliner. This object had no fuselage but just pure flying wings. I seen gliders before, and they have a fuselage, this object didn't. This object didn't even resemble closely any B-2 nor even a B-17 jet. What was interesting that this unknown object came from the direction of the Phoenix's Sky-Harbor airport and curved towards the Gateway airport located in Gilbert, AZ. The unknown object as it traveled in that direction just seem to get quickly smaller and melt away or blend into the darkness located in that direction. Of all the pictures I had taken, only one picture somewhat manage to come out showing either multiple objects or multiples pictures on just one picture due to trying to adjust the exposure towards the end of the event. I lived in Mesa, AZ for nearly three years after that incident, and after I knew every normal bird flight pattern going though the area, and every plane and jet pattern in the sky either high or low, and I have not once seen anything like that unknown object since that time. After that sighting, I had also experienced additional UFO sightings more than one person could possibly ever imagine one would be able to experience in a lifetime. I have now moved to a different city which is quite, but while I lived at in Mesa, AZ, it was the hottest UFO hotspot if I ever saw one. The only UFO type I haven't technically seen thus far is that disk shape type...well maybe if the huge angry looking eye object counts as one, and that one quite literally scared me pure white as a ghost, and I had to force myself to look into the camera's eyepiece.

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