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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 54660
Log Number US-03132014-0026
Date Submitted 03/13/2014 06:08 UTC
Date of the Event 01/22/2010 06:45 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary Jet-like craft with deep bass extremely loud roar doing acrobatic moves at rooftop level
Tags disc lights police ufo photo

Sighting Location

City South Kingstown
Region Rhode Island
Country United States

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance 21-100 Feet
Sighting Duration 00:20:00
Object Features Wings
Object Flight Path Path with directional change
Object Shape Chevron
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

It was a Thursday night, exactly 6:45 pm, as I was watching the evening news on NBD, I first hear what I think is an approaching jet...however, the roar became deafening and the sound was a very unusual deep bass sound unlike any jet I have ever heard. I go outside with my dog and am shocked to see two small, Cesna-sized 'jets' flying over our homes at rooftop level, and doing impossible tight turns, almost stopping and turning in mid air simultaneously. As one 'jet' passed over me just over my ranch house roof, I observed the lights as not those of a conventional jet...it was covered in small all-white lights. As it went West, it made this impossible about-face turn and as it passed directly over me again I saw the white lights all flash to all red lights and then back to all white lights as it headed West toward Narragansett Bay. The craft seemed to float up and down, and continued to produce that eerie 'roar' of a deep bass nature. My knees were shaking as I realized these were not 'jets.' There was no after-burner seen and no markings observed. I surmised the chevron shape from the light pattern on the crafts. There was a second 'jet' doing the same things further south of me. As the closest 'jet' headed East toward the Bay I suddenly was a white ball of light..like a very bright star...traveling parallel to the 'jet' heading East. As the jet veered toward the SE, out of its straight line path, the ball of light continued straight and East over the Bay. I would guess the ball of light was the size of large beachball compared to the size of the 'jet.' At that time I observed a C130 flying very low to the south with a very bright flashing white light on its underbelly and greenish lights on its tail section. I am saying it was a C130 because I've seen them often flying day and night, very slowly, as they can, and very close to the ground. They fly out of the Air National Guard Base at Qunonset Pt., in N.Kingstown, RI. I called the local South Kingstown (Wakefield) police dispatcher who took my call and said I was the second caller relating to this phenomenon. I learned later that my next door neighbor also heard the roar but decided not to investigate. Most people, I'd say, would just shrug and say, 'oh,its the military..'..then go back to their meatballs and spaghetti. I had a strong feeling, like a premonition, that these jets would be back the next night, which was Friday night. Sure enough, at exactly 6:45 pm again the same roaring sound of the 'jets' were heard again. This time it was a bit different. One jet, but this time it looked more like a conventional jet, but same odd sound, and same flight pattern...right over my house again. I was on the phone again with the police dispatcher as the 'jet' passed over my head with absolutely no lights except for two, large, round, dull-red lights on the under side; two circular dull red lights that did not shine downward but just glowed. Again, this was very odd. The dispatcher asked what it looked like and I said it looked like 'a ufo'...though jet like. He yelled, 'UFO?"... I'm calling the State Police. He was kind of panicy, as if he had received other calls about this. The craft headed again toward the east in a low flight pattern and didn't return, nor was there the 'ball of light' following it as the night before. The following night, Saturday, the 24th, I believe, I was at my mother's house watching the local Channel 10 6pm News, when Doug White, the anchorman, came on to say, "What were those jets flying in South County skies the past two nights?" Dan Janning, the reporter, pick up the lead and nervously (very obvious) said they were just F-14s from Hyannis (Massachusetts, Cape Cod) Air Field (didn't say Otis Air Force Base, nearby). The news then went to a stock photo of a F-14s then back to Janning, still nervous. He closed out saying nervously, 'Well, mystery solved and case closed' and went quickly to the next topic. It was obviously a coverup. During the day on the Friday, before the second event, I called Sen. Jack Reed's Office (D-RI) to ask about what these 'things' were. The woman took my name and phone number and assured me she would get back to me...never happened...not a word. Oddly, the following Tuesday morning, at a time when I felt these 'jets' were gone for good, I was outside with the cable TV man. It was 11am and we both heard that same deep bass roar of a 'jet' coming low over my house, over my back yard. This did indeed look like an F-14. However, it had absolutely no markings, no after burner, and no lights and did this odd flip on to its side as it went over, so I had a good look at the 'belly' but could not see the cockpit. It was greyish-green, with a nose cone that was a different color grey..like it was a model that was put together. The 'roar' seemed like it was 'broadcast' from a speaker rather than coming from the jet. There was a small commercial plane flying close and with this jet, affirmed by the TV guy, which we both felt was very odd. Both planes split off from each other. I again called the police to enquire why and what are these jets doing flying at dangerously low altitudes over our roofs...the dispatcher said 'one minute please.' I waited about 4 minutes to hear him come back on the phone and say he could not discuss the subject with anyone...I said, 'is this coming from higher up?"...he mumbled 'yes' and hung up. That mystery was never adequately solved. I researched the air field on Cape cod and found they did not have f-14s. This series of events was a complete white-wash. The craft have since returned, much higher in the sky over my house, both at night and in daytime, with the same 'roar', always flying from SE to NW, which is opposite commercial air traffic over my house to Green Airport in Warwick.. The two night flights I observed were three single red blinking lights, one on each craft, one behind the other. The other daylight sighting of these craft was recent and were three, black triangular 'jets' flying equidistant abreast of each other. Very odd and still a covered up mystery. Are aliens masquerading their usual UFO type craft as jets..if they are, they are not doing too well.

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