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UFO Sighting

Sighting Basics

Case Number 53356
Log Number GE-01102014-0004
Date Submitted 01/10/2014 05:00 UTC
Date of the Event 08/03/1986 01:45 UTC
Source MUFON
Disposition Unresolved
Summary 4 (four) separate glowing objects in diamond formation, apparently orbiting the Earth
Tags contact disc lights ufo photo

Sighting Location

City Telavi
Region Kakheti
Country Georgia

Sighting Specifics

Viewing Distance Unknown
Sighting Duration Undisclosed
Object Features Unknown
Object Flight Path Path with directional change
Object Shape Star-like
Weather Factors Unknown

Sighting Details

The event I want to describe here occurred in the first days (on the 3rd or maybe 4th) of August, 1986. I, together with 3 other male individuals from Tbilisi, was camping out in the fields outside the mountain village of Omalo, Tusheti, East Georgia. Actually, there was another group of campers nearby, unrelated to us, consisting of approximately 10 persons, two females and about 8 males in 2 tents. Next morning they said they were from East Georgian town of Kaspi. It was well after midnight, about 1.40 AM, and my friends were already arranging something in our tent, preparing to go to sleep. I was sitting by the campfire when I noticed some orange lights just appear above the horizon in the West. Their colour was bright orange, like that of an ordinary incandescent electric lamp as seen from a distance. At first I thought it was the lights of some motor vehicle moving on the mountain slope (It was very dark so I could not tell where the mountains surrounding the valley actually ended and where the sky began). But within seconds it became clear that the objects were in the skies, just rising above the horizon. They actually rose, I mean they were ascending (very rapidly, although) like the Moon or stars do. Their entire trajectory, while we could observe them, suggested that they were orbiting the Earth. I cried something like ���guys, look at this��� or so, my friends came out of the tent and we watched the objects rapidly rising over the horizon. There were four of them, apparently moving on the Earth's orbit approximately from West to East, but soon they smoothly changed direction (the course change was about 45 degrees) and began to rapidly move approximately in south-eastern direction. Now we could well see that there were four of them, arranged rhombically, or in a sort of diamond formation - one in the front, two above and below, and the fourth in the rear. They seemed to glow intensely, but did not shimmer. Each of them appeared to be bigger than planet Jupiter or even Venus, but, unlike stars or planets seen in the sky, these objects were well-outlined, did not shimmer as already mentioned, and seemed rather to glow intensely with orange colour. They were very different from the satellites (we saw one, a dim light soon lost of of sight, shortly before the event). Soon we heard voices and cries of our neighbours from the nearby campsite, apparently shocked and surprised by the sight. It was the Cold War era, we still lived in the former Soviet Union and I thought we could have witnessed the beginning of a nuclear conflict or something like this. The whole event or sighting was very brief and took, in my evaluation, no more than two or three minutes, or maybe less. No sound or noise was heard. I thought of my photographic camera in my rucksack, but realized that the objects would be gone before I could fetch it, besides, it was unlikely that the camera could produce any discernible image. Very soon, the four objects in a diamond formation began to rapidly descend (or appeared to do so) in the direction of the local village of Diklo several kilometers away (which we had visited earlier that day) and Mt. Diklosmta on the border of Chechnya (Russian Federation), and soon disappeared beyond the horizon. In the last moments of the sighting, they appeared to descend vertically, like the setting Sun or Moon does, what makes me think they were circling our planet on a near-earth orbit. I was relieved to see no explosions, as I had a subconscious fear that it could have been some ballistic missiles. Next morning our neighbours broke their camp and moved out. In a brief conversation as they passed by, they said they were also afraid this could have been the start of some sort of a nuclear conflict (it was back in the 1986, you know). We were sure we had witnessed something very unusual and even extraordinary. However, we have not reported the event to any official authorities and have not even discussed the possibility thereof, as we could see no point in doing so. We had no proofs and the sighting itself was too weird for anybody to believe in it. We almost never discussed the incident since then either. I rarely talk about this to anybody. Only my wife and son know about my experience. This is actually the first time I officially report the sighting. I was rather skeptical about alleged UFO sightings before this happened to myself, but since then I am sure, the phenomenon does exist. Of course, I do not know whether the objects were man-made or extraterrestrial. Their extraordinary velocity however makes it very unlikely that they could be man-made. I am also sure that these objects were some kind of apparatus or craft guided by intellectual beings (I mean, it was not a natural phenomenon like atmospheric disturbance or falling meteorite), as far as they circled the Earth in a fixed order, following a single course. I have no wish to prove anything to anybody but I saw what I saw, we all saw this and sooner or later, I am sure, there will be no doubt that such phenomenon really exists. I only wonder, if the beings who apparently directed the objects, are from the outer space, why they are here and what their objectives or intentions are. I hope that my account will give you some additional information, which you may find useful in your investigations. Please be free to contact me for any additional information if necessary, preferably via e-mail.

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